Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boise baby shower

My mom, grandma, and my mom's best friend Kim threw me a baby shower yesterday here in Boise. It was so much fun! It was a cowboy themed party! My Mom has always gone over board when it comes to events (gee... wonder where I get it from), and this was no exception! I felt so loved and spoiled! It was funny... because when it came time to open gifts I forgot they were for me... I'M HAVING A BABY! ;)

Here are some pictures from my first baby shower!

Invitation (I deleted the address):
The set up:


Some of the guests:

Back yard:

I had a blast! Thank you for all that came and supported me. Jake is going to be a lucky boy!



  1. What a fun theme! It is simple, but so perfect! I love all of the bandanas and cute ideas she came up with!!!

  2. Very cute girlie!!! How much fun for you, I can't wait to see baby Jake!! Your mommy did a super cute job. And I can't believe how much you three girls look a like!! :)


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