Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day to my father...

Living far from my parents has really taught me to appreciate the time when spent with family. I would like to take some time today and reflect on my father. 

My father has taught me so much over the years. My father's strength and loyalty to our family is something that I admire and have always thought are some of my father's special qualities. My father taught me about family and the way a woman should be treated in a marriage/relationship. My parents got married when my Mom was 17 and my dad was 20. They had me the same year they were married. My brothers and I are lucky for the role model my father is. Every dinner growing up was at our dinning room table where we discussed everything... mainly me rambling on and my parents asking probing questions to Marty. But, no matter how tired my parents were from their days... we had dinner together. Even if we weren't hungry we did homework at the table. That time was important to us as a family. 

The emotions of pregnancy are definitely heighten... but, It's hard to not be emotional when I think back to my wonderful childhood! I'm a lucky girl. I had parents that gave everything to me and never questioned it. I always knew that no matter what I did or where I was going my parents would support me (unless it was regarding travel out of the country... my father would never go for that...). But, knowing they would be there... I always wanted to make sure I made them proud.

There are conversations I have had with my father over the years, and they still remain close to my heart. 

Here are a few things:
1. "If a man loves you, there is nothing that will stop him from making you happy and being with you". 
2. "Your mother can drive me nuts sometimes (and vice versa)... She can spend too much money... I can get so mad... but, in the end... she's my wife, my best friend, the mother of my children... and I can't live without her. I love her more than anything."
3.  "No matter what you do in your life... do it 100% percent... don't look back and say I wish (in regards to completely tasks or sports)".
4. When I look at my children I know I've succeeded.
5. Stay humble. At any given moment it can be taken away. Pray and thank God for what we do have. 

There are lots more and I can honestly go on forever. Basically, I wanted to write a little something to my father... soon to be grandfather of his first grandchild. He will be an amazing grandfather! Jake is so lucky for all the role models in his life.

I love you dad. I will always be your baby girl. I love you SO much... Words can not describe the love I have for you. Thank you for your support and love through the years. I appreciate you and all you have done for me.

Love your oldest and only daughter,


  1. Aw you truly are so blessed girly. I have never even met my "sperm donor" and I wouldn't want to after hearing him talk to my mom on the phone one time. I always wished I had a father and I used to cry during father-daughter dances in movies. Now that I'm married I'm just excited for the day that Aaron is a daddy. He's gonna be the type of father that I always dreamed of and I couldn't think of anything greater for my children to have. :) So cheers to your awesome dad and to our hubby's being great dads-to-be!

  2. what a wonderful "love letter" to your amazing dad! you are a very lucky lady :)


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