Monday, June 14, 2010

The Huntington Library

Last week Julie, Katy, and I went to The Huntington Library to see the "stinky flower" or also known as The Corpse Flower. The flower rarely blooms, but when it does it draws a crowd. I'm still wondering why.  If it isn't beautiful and it smells bad... you got me! But, we went anyhow. It was a lot of walking for a 7 month pregnant girl! But, it was fun to walk around the gardens and hang out with the girls!

Here is the link about the flower: Corpse Flower

Unfortunately, we got there after it bloomed, but we did get picture of the flower in pretty good condition still.

The Huntington Library has beautiful botanical gardens ranging from Japanese and Chinese gardens, Jungle, Rose gardens, etc. Here is their website: Huntington Library

Us girls:


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