Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm 30 weeks (as of July 1st). So, the countdown has begun! I will now start my posts with the week that is left.


My doctor said I'm measuring a little ahead. I'm not sure if that means I'm carrying a potentially large child or if that means my due date is actually before 9-9?  I'm pretty sure I've asked why that is... but, I can't remember the answer. In fact, Grant has been to all but 1 appointment, and he doesn't remember either. Are we in denial of a huge baby or that it may come earlier than expected? ha ha. I will be sure to ask next Tuesday when I see my doctor! I'm thinking it has to do with the due date! Thoughts?

I've already scheduled my next 2 appointments. I start going every 2 weeks until I am 36 weeks and then it's a weekly appointment. I had to reschedule my 4D ultrasound because Jake had his arm covering his face the entire time. So, my 4D is on July 14th.

Pregnancy has been pretty good. I haven't had many problems. However, more recently I get woken up in the middle of the night/early morning not just for heartburn and pee breaks but for very aggressive movements by my son. I think he's training to be an ultimate fighter. I get woken up by a knee or arm pressing so hard it extends out of my body! It's so funny. The other night I woke Grant up just so he can feel what I was talking about. So crazy! But, at the same time... every movement that is made warms my heart. I'm just so happy he's moving and growing in there. I look forward to every doctor appointment for my ultrasounds to that I can see my little guy.

Grant and I have another very busy month. I think the reason why pregnancy has flown by is because we've been so busy. Jake has already traveled to the following places:  Boise, Idaho (3 times), Destin, Florida, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This month we started Lamaze classes! Our first class was very interesting. I thought the breathing and rubbing techniques were quite relaxing... but, the videos... Really? Where do they find the people in the videos? It was disturbing. Here's my birth plan... HAVE THE BABY IN THE HOSPITAL. Why must it be so dramatic? When you go into labor, you go the hospital where doctors for years have been delivering babies, and have your baby. I DON'T want a cesarean. This I do know for sure. I don't care about the pain or about how long I'm laboring. But, if the baby is in distress I will... obviously! I'll have the epidural ready, if I decide to use it. I'm not getting into water, I'm not going to start labor at home with a deula, etc. I don't judge others and their decisions... but,  I don't want that. I want to keep it simple as possible. I know it's going to be VERY painful, and lots will be going on. I would like to stay focused, be with my husband and breath through the pain until our son is born. I'll make sure I tell you all how that goes. ;)

I have very exciting news... Grant surprised me with a BABYMOON! We are going to The Cliff's resort in Pismo Beach, CA. It's about 4 hours up the coast from home... but, it's our last vacation as 2. We are getting the "and the baby makes three" package. So excited! We are going next weekend! Here is the link: Cliff's resort. Thank you honey for such a thoughtful gift! I love you so much!

Well that's all I have for now. Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

Love and Cheers,



  1. HAHA, you're so cute! I love reading your posts, they bring me back to when I was pregnant with Aiden. I'm pretty sure that the measuring is just a tool to make sure your on track, not to big or to small, which could mean other things. But... I totally remember being all giddy that I measured early with both my boys, my theory was that I was measuring big because the baby was older than they thought! LOL And guess what! Both boys came a week early. Aiden three days, and Liam 7 days!! I measured a week early with both! So my thoughts are that you'll have that baby a week early (is that what your measuring early?)!! :)

    You look great girlie, can't wait to meet him!

  2. I think it has to due with the due date...usually. It looks like you are carrying a big baby, for still having 10 weeks, but isn't your husband pretty tall? They take measurements on the limbs (legs, arms, etc), and the head. Addison measured ahead and she has always been at the top of the charts. She wasn't huge when she was born though, so that was a plus. Isn't it funny, the whole birthing plan??? They say that it usually changes, so it is better if you are more whatever about it rather than being one of those that HAS to stick to it. Have fun in Pismo, it will be so pretty up there right now!

  3. I totally agree about those lamaze videos! I think it just freaks everyone out more than they were prior! It's not such a "beautiful thing" when it's someone else and set in the 80s. Anyways, you're probably going to have a big baby. These tall hubbies of ours produce big boys. :) Enjoy your countdown and your babymoon!

  4. OMG I seriously just laughed sooo loud when I read your birth plan. Have the baby in the hospital!

    Amen, sister.

    Maybe you'll have the baby on our birthday :)


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