Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Outdoor weekend fun!

I haven't spent this much time outside since I was a kid. When we were kids, we stayed outside. We either were playing sports, or swimming in our pool. We just didn't spend time inside watching TV, or laying around. 

Since college, I realized that I spent most my time indoors. Whether in class, working, or at the gym. And then after college, it was working all the time with travel, and then working out. Once I had kids, that all changed (becoming a stay at home mom also allowed for a more flexible schedule). I began to remember how much I loved being out and about. My boys love the sunshine and running free outside. Whether exploring, walking the dog, playing on the swing set, coloring with chalk and crayons, or playing with all the countless toys I have outside. We don't spend time indoors, unless it's raining... and that doesn't happen often in Southern California. 

This weekend Grant and I had a blast with the boys. After a very messy dinner out with friends on Friday night, we brought the boys back home and had a "glow stick" bath. We took glow sticks from the restaurant we ate at (yes, they gave them to the kids... what a hit), and some I had that we never used from Halloween (yes, very random I also had some on hand). We cracked them and threw them in the bath. The kids had so much fun! 
After the bath we laid around and snuggled a bit before bed. I am OBSESSED with Asher's hair. It's so curly and soft. It always has the most luxurious curls! I'm dreading his first hair cut. By now, Jake had had about a dozen hair cuts! ;)
On Saturday night, Grant and I went on a date night. We went to Disneyland. It was so odd driving in and walking around with only my purse. We had a small dinner there at the park, and ran around California Adventure. I think this is my favorite side to the park! We went on a few rides, and ran around like kids! We watched World of Colors, and came back home. We didn't get home until 11pm! We were so tired! ha ha!
Grant and I got separated for this ride. We went on the single rider side because the line was significantly shorter. 
Then the next day, we went back. We went with our Disneyland partners in crime! The Levenshus! 
Asher is such a ham! Silly boy!
After all the fun and running around at Disneyland, the kids where knocked out 5 minutes into the car ride home. I love Jake's face! He was smiling the whole time he was falling asleep. 
Then after naps, they got up and played outside in our backyard. Grant and I barbecued. Asher's first time on the big slide. He went down with his big brother. :)
Such a good big brother! At just 2 1/2 he's so amazing!

Little rascals!
Our daily walks are so fun! I get a workout, and they get a workout! Lots of exploring!

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