Monday, April 1, 2013

Date night with Jake!

Grant and I have had Disneyland passes for 2 years now. Last year we went, but not nearly as much as this year. I was pregnant last year with a year old. As much fun as I had (and I did...), it got hard towards the end to get around. And then once Asher was born, I didn't want to take him to such a HUGE public place. Asher has been to Disneyland a dozen times though. Pretty lucky boys, right? 

Anyhow, 2 weeks ago Grant and I decided to take our weekly date night and take Jake to Disneyland. Just him. Amelia came over around 5 to be with Asher, and the 3 of us left. Asher goes to bed at 7, so we decided to let him relax and get some rest. Grant had been traveling, and we thought that Jake would love to have a big boy night out. It was the latest he's ever been up (got home at 10pm)! I made Asher dinner, and laid out his clothes for bed. I was sad to leave him, but we wanted to see how Jake would do being out so late. Trying the one kid out late at a time. ;) 

On the way to Disneyland, Jake was talking up a storm, and screaming Disneyland (Think it was more like... DEEE OOOO)! He was so excited. 
After we got off the tram, he grabbed Grants hand and started running! 
JAKE SAW WOODY! He was so excited! Nothing better than seeing pure happiness on your babies face! 
Ever had a corn dog at Disneyland? This little stand has the best corn dogs! We ate dinner and ran around with Jakey.
We got fast passes and stayed to watch World of Color! AMAZING! We got popcorn, and grabbed a good spot and watched. Jake loved it! Especially when he saw the Toy Story portion of the show! He screamed, "BUH (for Buzz) and Woody!" ADORABLE.
And... umm... CA Adventure sells beer and wine... And you can carry it around with you. So, I enjoyed a glass of chardonnay as I watched Grant and Jake play the games on the Boardwalk. I used to call wine tasting adult Disneyland, and I always will... but, now that you can enjoy a little beverage at actual Disneyland... technically it became (legit) adult Disneyland. ;)
After World of Color we started heading towards the car. We watched the fireworks and made our way back. Jake had a blast. A smile on his face the entire time. Watching Jake and his amazement made us have a smile on our faces the entire time too. Grant and I had so much fun! I think Asher is old enough to enjoy a little later of a Disneyland night too... Maybe not until 10, but we may actually try a night with Asher soon! 

Until our next trip! 

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