Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being prepared is key.

Yesterday we all had the case of the "MUN-DAYS!" With Jake getting sick in the back of my car, and throwing up everywhere... and me, pulling the car over on Seal Beach Blvd and PCH to clean it all... I'm welcoming a new healthy day!

Its was weird. Jake seemed fine all morning. No fever, no signs of a tummy ache, etc. So, when we went out for a drive and errands, I figured all was well. They were snacking in the car, when I heard Jake to start whine. I looked behind me and he was rubbing his tummy. Before the light the turned green... He started puking. He's only thrown up 2 times. Once when we were traveling to visit family, and another time randomly at home. So, this was certainly a shock!

The light turned green, and he was still throwing up! I finally was able to pull over and realized that I used some of my last wipes just yesterday at the park. The wipes that were in my diaper bag. I forgot to replace them before we left. But, then I realized that I always keep a spare diaper bag! THANK GOODNESS!!! I also had a spare grocery bag, to throw all the soiled napkins, and napkins away!

I didn't have any wipes in the diaper bag, but I had blankets, a change of clothes, and wet wipes! YAY! I was able to quickly clean out the back, clean up my child, and sit him on a blanket in his car seat. Problem solved until I could get home to deep clean. UGH.

When we got home, I brought the boys in... cleaned off his clothes, threw them in the wash, and then bathed Jake. He was totally fine. We had a great nap, and it didn't even phase him. And the rest of the day/night he ate jello, drank water, and ate a bland dinner.

I've only heard the stories of this happening to people. I felt lucky it hadn't happened to me. And now, I'm part of the elite group. YIKES. Totally gross. I'm glad Jake was such a good boy during it all. I'm surprised Asher didn't get crazy during the process too.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Tuesday! I'm off to take Asher to his baby well appointment. Today is SHOT day! The fun never ends! I'll update the blog on Asher's stats later today. :)

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  1. Oh god. How horrible. That is my worst fear - and I am really bad with never having backup clothes or anything spare in the car. This makes me want to go out and put a blanket, paper towels, pine sol and towels in the car right now! LOL. Glad to hear your son was ok after that- poor kid :( Luckily kids are so resilient and they recover so fast!


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