Sunday, March 3, 2013

When dad's away...

The kids do scary things.

Whether they fall and need stitches/glue, get sick, etc. It's usually something. Not every time... but, a lot of the time.

This brings me to last night.

Grant and I have a weekly Saturday night date nights. Since Grant has been in Mammoth for work/skiing, I decided to keep the sitter. I wanted to work out, and get my nails done. So, at 4:30pm, Amelia came over. I worked out, got my nails done, grabbed take out, and a bottle of yummy wine. I was home by 7:30pm so I could still put Jake to bed.

Amelia (our wonderful sitter) decided to stay and have a glass of wine with me and catch up (After the kids were asleep of course). We have also become friends. She is a Tridelt alumni now... and has been watching the kids for a year and a half. I seriously love her! Anyhow, at about 8:30pm Asher started screaming. He never does that! My boys are great sleepers. Once they're out... They're out until morning. I went in and grabbed him. He was inconsolable. I could not relax him. Amelia decided to stay while I called the doctor and was trying to calm him down.

Asher cried for 45 minutes straight. I felt like he was a newborn all over again. I could tell his tummy was tight. I was hoping he was having gas pain and nothing worse. Amelia decided to watch a TV program and stay while I was in my room letting Asher stretch out and relax in my room. The doctor said if I couldn't calm him down and he kept having these "crying episodes" I'd have to take him in to be looked at. Apparently there are a million stomach viruses going around. And since my kids aren't in day care, etc... mine probably would have gotten something at the park or Target! ha ha. So, if I had to take him in, at least Amelia would be here to stay with Jake, instead of me waking him up.

Asher finally fell asleep on me. I laid him down on his tummy, with his legs tucked under. I had a feeling it was just a gassy baby. And then I told Amelia I think he was going to be OK. She left, but said she'd keep her phone on in case he got worse.

Little monkey slept through the night with me in bed. I of course didn't sleep. Worried sick. These boys are going to make me get grey hair! Or white hair! What ever blonde's get! ha ha.

Thank goodness Amelia was here... just for the support alone. Nothing is scarier than your kiddo not feeling well and you are all alone. No family near. Husband on a business trip. But, we got through it. Grant is on his way home. I need a nap and a massage. Burke Williams or The Montage is calling my name.]

Asher woke up totally normal. He opened his eyes, looked right at me and screamed, "mama!" Then he stood up in bed and started bouncing! Silly monkey!!!

Here's Amelia sitting with the boy's on Asher's birthday. It shows how much my boys like her. I'm glad I got this picture. She helped Grant and I with the boys so I could set up, and Grant could start barbecuing. If theres one thing I hate at parties, its kids going wild and no one watching them! I make sure I have several eyes on my kids and others. 

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