Monday, March 11, 2013

Park time fun. Weekend recap.

On the weekends, Grant and I like to take the boys to the park and let them run wild! They love to be outside, and its too beautiful out to stay inside. This past weekend we had 2 full days at the park. Not only does Jake love it, so does Asher. He's been walking around for quite a while now... so, he's got the park down. Asher loves to run around with his basketball, or he loves to go on the swing. I'm starting to teach him to go down the slide! He loves it. Jake runs like crazy, and climbs up to the highest of the slides. 

Here are my happy boys!

Grant teaching Jake how to slam dunk. 

Grant teaching his boys to dribble the ball. Jake was clapping! So cute!
A sweet moment the other day... I was cleaning up after the kids, and heard Jake tell his brother to have some apple juice. Asher has never had apple juice (up to this point), but watching Jake teach his little brother to use the straw was precious!
Grant and I also had a fun date night! We went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Javier's. I love catching up on our week and dating my handsome husband. :)
Finally, my littlest man getting ready for Easter. Such a silly little boy!
Happy Monday all!

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