Friday, March 1, 2013

Jake is officially 2 1/2 years old.

Jake is officially 2 1/2 today. In 6 short months, my first born will be 3. Craziness. I love it... ALL!

Jake is doing great! Loves being outside, at the park, nature center, Disneyland, playing sports, wrestling with Asher, playing with his friends, puzzles, playing Lego's and blocks, and art!

He's wearing 4T/5T clothes, and size 9 1/2 - 10 size shoe.

He still likes Pocoyo, but has moved into the Disney movies. Right now the favorites over here are Rio, Toy Story (1-3), and Cars 1. Grant is proud of his Disney boy... ;)

Favorite foods:
Peanut butter, brown rice, chow mein noodles (LOVES CHINESE FOOD), noodles, chicken fingers, steak, bacon, ALL berries, bananas, pancakes, whole grain blueberry waffles, popcorn (a treat for movie night), frozen go-gurts (I call it ice cream), yogurt with granola, trail mix, jello, apple sauce, apples, and so on. Way too many things to list. He's a little picky of an eater. Not the biggest fan of veggies... but, I keep trying!

Here are a few pictures from this week.

Momma and my little man!
Jake loves to wear hats. This week he was wearing a cowboy hat everywhere. It was a decoration from Asher's party. Glad it's getting good use. ;)
This little man has no fear! Climbed up the big stairs, to the big slide! Went down like it was nothing. 
He also has finally found his voice and personality. If he doesn't like something... we are made fully aware of it. See exhibit A:
Such a joy and blessing these boys are to me. It's been truly amazing to see Jake grow and flourish as a toddler. He's my buddy, and will always be mommas baby... Even if he'll be bigger than me in the 2nd grade! he he.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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