Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!

Grant makes me feel special so many days during the year so I want to show him that he is special too! Grant makes a big deal about my birthday, mothers day, anniversaries, etc. I try and do things through out the year that make him happy, but he usually tops what I do! So, I want to make sure this birthday is special. Not by doing anything crazy, just making sure he feels loved and appreciated by friends and family. :)

So many people came! Friends and family everywhere! And this year... LOTS OF BABIES! We bounced back and forth from the bay to the house. It was a beautiful day out! Perfect for a beach day! I'm so happy that everything turned out great. I had one of our favorite Mexican food places cater the birthday, and I made cupcakes. What a mellow fun weekend so far!

Since it's Memorial Day weekend, I went with an American theme (party planner in me)! Here are some pictures of the party.

Grant went to play golf with buddies this morning, and I'm getting ready for a walk with my bestie and Jake! I'll blog more later.

Here's some pics!
Jake crawling in the kitchen to find his Daddy!
The group!
They hated their hats! haha!
Karina and Elijah
Best buddies.
My baby boy! 

My girls! 

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  1. So fun! It looks like you had the perfect day! I love the cupcakes. :)


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