Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day is the new birthday!

I woke up and was greeted with 2 beautiful smiles from the most important men in my life. Well, actually 4 boys including the animals that joined in on the snuggle time.

Shoreline Village
Grant and I relaxed in the morning as I opened up my card and gifts, and then we ventured off to lunch. We went to Shoreline Village ate, shopped, and then headed out for more shopping. One of my besties paints and I'm always telling her I want to paint with her. I just haven't had the time to get all the equipment. And when we were in Oklahoma, Grant's brother Ren had acrylic paints and they played around with painting for one of Vicki's birthday presents. So, Grant was interested in doing a little family painting as well. So, we went and bought canvases and paint. After that we ran some errands (that I wanted to run), and we headed home to play a little xbox. Grant got me the Michael Jackson Experience. If you know me... you know, I LOVE MICHAEL! So, we played that for a few hours as well. Then, Grant's cousins Amanda, Leanna and her little one Tessa came over for dinner. Leanna lives in Pennsylvania so it was so nice seeing her and meeting her little one! 
Lunch with my hottie before Jakey poo woke up.
Loves the high chair... like a big boy.
My boys.
The reason I celebrate.
I made baked ziti (because I decided last minute not to go out), and we all drank wine. Perfect day and evening. Grant made this day so special for me. He kept asking me what I wanted to do and was willing to do anything. I was just happy to be with my boys. Not to sound cheesy... but, seriously! It felt like it was my birthday. I got so many texts, emails, calls, cards, and presents! I have such wonderful friends and family. I know who are the special people and appreciate them all so much! :)

I didn't want the day to end... It sounds like the majority of people I talked to had a great day as well. Then I found out that my mom and Grant's mom didn't receive our present in time... hmm. I love when you put time into something and make sure you choose the correct shipping it still doesn't make it. Interesting. HA! Hope they like it when they eventually get it! 

I ended the night snuggling with my hubby watching a movie while our little monkey was fast asleep in his bed. 
Look at this face. Looks just like his daddy! ;)
Love and cheers,

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