Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 months.

Last night I found myself looking at old videos of Jake. I have to admit it made me a little sad. Time is just flying by. I know he's only 9 months old... but, how did that go so fast? I remember getting excited for each milestone.... but, now I want time to stop. Jake is so big. He's so happy and gives Grant and I so much joy. I thank God for this little guy everyday. What did I ever do without him? Seriously... What?

Well, I'm still excited for all the milestones in his growth, I want to take a second to take in 9 months. When I put on his sticker for "9 months" I couldn't really get a good shot. He's moving so much. He doesn't want to sit still. I did the best I could!

His 9 month appointment is June 21st so I'll update stats then. But, until then... here is what he's doing and up to:

*He started clapping at 6 months... and I'm now working on waving!
*He is throwing things forward and then chasing after it to throw it again! But, basically everything he gets he throws. He loves to throw!
*He laughs and talks like crazy!
*He's been saying mama, dada, and baba (Brady - our dog).
*He stands and walks along the furniture.
*Crawls super fast!
*Sleeps from 7:30pm till 6-6:30am.
*Wearing 24 month size clothes.
*Teething... no teeth still though. (Vicki said Grant didn't get teeth until 9 months).
*After he eats he says, "ummmmm" for yummy!
*24 oz of milk a day (or more pending day)
*Eats 3 times a day. From stuff I make to some Gerber/Earths Best foods.
*LOVES I MEAN LOVES Gerber puffs!
*Loves cous cous or rice.
*I seriously think he would rather eat what I'm eating. I usually give him a taste of what I'm eating if it's not spicy or over spiced.

Here are some pics:

Have a good week!


  1. How cute he is! My fave pic is the one of his face pressed against the side of the couch. I can't believe he's already in size 24 months. Addison was usually right on with her sizes, even though she was 90th + percentile for height and a little lower for weight. She also got her first teeth at about 9 months. That's why I always laughed when people would say that she was teething early! She got her bottom two teeth at the same time, and the top two came in shortly after. Hopefully he won't have any pain!

  2. Cailyn LOVES Gerber Puffs too! My Mother-in-law told me that around between 9-12 months their personality just comes out and she was soo right. So even though you are a little sad about Jake getting older, the next few months are a lot of fun. They are little sponges and its a great time for learning new things. :)

  3. I love seeing other super cutie babies with wild hair! I envy your sleep but I have read how you got there so I know you appreciate it!!


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