Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day - To my mummy!

With Mother’s Day tomorrow I wanted to reflect and thank my mother for all that she has taught me. How my mother raised me is playing a huge role in how I’m raising my son. I’m finding that I have a very similar style to my own mother. I would say that is a good sign of a wonderful mother, wouldn’t you? I truly believe your children are a reflection of the way you raise them.

My mom is loyal, kind, loving, and patient. She is wonderful. My parents got married when my mom was 17 and my dad was 20. They had me 8 months after. My brother Marty came 17 months after I was born. My parents were very young. But, they worked as a team. They taught my brother and I how important family is. Family is everything. My parents ended up having another baby later in life. He is 8 years old.

Motherly Touch.  When my husband and I learned that I was pregnant we celebrated and thanked God for our good fortune.  As the days and months flew by, I got caught up in all the excitement of being a mother.  However, there was a looming concern that ate at me at the end of the day, I was worried.  I was so worried about everything. I was worried about doing the right thing for my son. With my parents living in another state, it was just my husband and I. My mom had so many conversations with me saying, “your motherly instincts with kick in, and you’ll know what to do.” She was right.  We were fortunate enough to have my mom available to help me out when my son was born and her “motherly” touch helped me tremendously. I had a cesarean so I couldn’t get around as easily as I would have liked. My mom slept in the bed with me and put my son Jake in the bassinet by her side. For the first week of Jake’s life, he would cry she would hand him to me to feed him. I would then pass him back, and she would rock him to sleep while I got some rest. This also allowed my husband to rest as well so that he could continue to work and run his business.  She was only at my house for 10 days, but I’m so glad we got that time together.

Trying to take on the World.  As a new mother, I have experienced so many thoughts and emotions. I’m eight months into this journey, and I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for, but it did not come without a significant amount of worries and concerns. My mom has said, “You can’t worry about things you can’t control.” Now that my son is 8 months old I can say she is right. My mother and I have one of those unique mother/daughter relationships where we talk everyday.  Yes, in case you are concerned that this is a typo, I did say everyday!  It may seem weird to some young mothers to talk that often to their mother, but we have a very deep understanding of one another.  She checks in and asks about my son and I. If I have questions, I know I can ask her anything.

Little Bro.  Having an 8 yr old brother has given me a kick-start on what I can expect for my little man. When my mom was pregnant I was 22. Although it was strange for my mom and dad to be having another baby, it was amazing experience for me to be a part of.   When my baby brother was born I was present in the room. I have to be honest that this gave me a new level of respect for what our mothers go through to bring life into this world.  Dylan was beautiful, and the sacrifices my mother made then and continues to make inspire me today. I have been very active in my little brother’s life, and I expect him to be active in my son’s life, such is family!

My mom is strong. Even when she’s sick, she was packing lunches, cleaning the house, and making dinner. My role model is of a woman that cares for her family, and puts them first above anything else. I hope to be the mom that she is to us. I love my mom she is my best friend.

***The Partnership at contacted me a few weeks ago asking me to write a letter for my mother this Mother's Day, so they can post it on their site. I sent in photos of my mother and I, when I was pregnant, and now with Jake. I feel honored they have been reading my blog and thought that I was influential. Here is a link to the slide show of a few other mommy bloggers. The letter hasn't gone up on their site... but, I wanted to post it here so that my mom can read it for Mother's Day tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing something nice for their mother on their special day.***
Pics of my mommy and I:
She made my day so special. My mom is a true designer and event planner! 
On my wedding day. April 18, 2009
My mom always buys the entire family matching PJ's for Christmas Eve. And yes we have to wear them! 
My mom threw me a baby shower in June 2010.
10 days after my son was born (first grand baby). Mom was there to help and celebrate my 30th birthday!
Love and cheers,

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  1. SUCH a gorgeous post! I love the continuous love - Happy Mothers day!


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