Friday, May 20, 2011


It's always busy over here at The Stone house. But, sometimes it's even too busy to blog! I know... it's hard to believe. But, my family said they wanted an update with more pics... Hope this is what you were looking for mom! ;)

My little monster is teething. He's been teething... runny nose, sore gums, a little whiney when they hurt him. When will they come in? He is chewing on everything! His fingers, his cup, his bottle, his spoon, or anything he gets in his little hands!
Playing with his girlfriend Victoria.

He's so mobile. He is crawling fast! And he pulls up on everything. I started baby proofing the areas he's in the most. I think this weekend I will invest in baby gates.
Tearing apart the book selves.
My aunt Michele, uncle Jack, and cousin Nicole were in town visiting so they came by and saw Jake. Michele is my dad's sister (don't they look alike?). We had a great time catching up! Grant and I might try and go out to Utah this summer so he can meet more of my family!  Thank you Ferguson family for stopping by and saying hello! Love you!

 I have a whole area for Jake to play in now. A huge Alphabet foam mat, with millions of toys... and this kid prefers to play under his jumper with books. haha. He pulls them all off the shelf. So, I decided to clear out the bottom 2 levels.
Apparently I should have cleared 3 levels? I forget that my little man is actually pretty tall. He's already reaching for the next shelf! 
 This week I also went and met London Myers. She's perfect! It was nice seeing Heather and just catching up! It kinda gave me baby fever... How is that possible? Am I ready for another baby?
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. I'll blog more this weekend.

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  1. Aww, thanks girl! It was fun seeing you too. I would enjoy the sleep you are now getting before you venture into newborn-land again!! Although you do have 9 months, so maybe you should go for it! :)


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