Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wash your hands!?

I came across a good article about washing your hands this flu/cold season before touching babies tiny hands since they put them in their mouths... There is a sign I just bought that you place on their car seats... I recommend all moms buying one! Over kill or a reminder of keeping hands cleaned to protect our little ones? Either way... I got one! Jake constantly is putting his fingers/hands in his mouth now... So I think this is just a good reminder!

They come in blue, red, and pink!

Click here for Tiny Hands link...



  1. That is a great idea... It's a bit obnoxious but you know what- so nessecary! I was at the food store the other day, and some lady came right up and puts her gross Shoprite hand right on Julianna's face- I almost died!! I blurted out, "She's sleeping!" - Meanwhile, her eyes were wide open LOL. Ugh - I see the need for this sign!! Love it.

  2. haha! I hear ya on that one! That's too funny... I've used the "he's sleeping" too. What's the matter with people!?

  3. I wish they made buttons! I would pin one on Bowman I just can't believe people!!

  4. I am a handwashing freak lol...But I'm not as bad as I used to be whenever my kids were babies. I used to wash my hands until they got dry and cracked. So I eased up just a little on the excessive handwashing lol.


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