Thursday, November 25, 2010

Month of thanks... week 4

First of all...


I'm thankful for so much in my life. It's really hard to do it in only 4 posts. Next year perhaps I will post daily for my all my thanks.

This post I would like to thank my friends. Since my family is far, my close circle of friends have become family. I don't want to say names... you know who you are. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded with such wonderful people.

With parents and family living far I only have Grant to rely on. I understand this is apart of marriage... I'm supposed to rely on him. I'm lucky to be in a good marriage. He is such an active father. But, there is something to having a mother close to help baby sit or give advice when ever I need her. Being able to stop in whenever I want to have dinner or have her baby sit while I run an errand. Even though I have always surrounded myself with people I trust only few. My best friends will tell you the same. My best friends are like my sisters. They have been there for me all through my years growing as a woman, getting married, and now having a baby. I have had girls help me move (because I was 6 months pregnant), bring me dinner (after I had Jake), clean my house (after my c-section), walk my dog, and check on me repeatedly. Just because. :)

It has taken me years to figure out who had my or my families best intentions. I can say that I am surrounded by the best people. I'm lucky to have such an amazing family... and the friends that are my family as well. Not all people have both. I do. I'm thankful for all the people that make my life better. The friends I can't wait to see on a regular basis.

Thank you to my besties. I love you all and am appreciative of our friendship.

Love and cheers,

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