Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rolling over - 11 wks

I know everyone thinks there child is a prodigy... But, today to my amaze, my son starting rolling over. This was his first attempt. I of course am a proud mama. Now that I have figured out this YouTube thing I'll be posting more!

Does anyone use a flip video cam? They are the best! If you don't have one and have a baby... GET ONE ASAP!

Jake Stone



  1. Brooke! Jakey is SOOOOO big! How adorable :) Bowman just doesn't have much interest in rolling from back to tummy,he does roll from tummy to back though. My mom jokes "Allison you have to PUT HIM DOWN if he's going to learn to roll!" What can I say I like to hold my boy :) I got AJ a flip right before the baby was born but then he got an iPhone 4 so the flip is pretty much obsolete :(

  2. That's awesome Brooke! Addison rolled over at 12wks and within a month rolled all over the place! Watch out, he will start rolling to get wherever he wants to go! Lol!

  3. What an amazing boy!! He is so happy I just love it. The flip looks awesome I have been wavering over getting one and watching this just made it so simple. Thanks!!

  4. Yayyy congrats! My daughter is 6 months and she "can" roll over... she just isn't that crazy about it. She didn't really start until about 4 & 1/2 mos or so ... I am jealous! Good job Jake!
    I love how the arm gets 'stuck' - I think that's why my daughter gets so mad when she rolls, she doesn't quite get that she has to move that arm up and out of the way LOL


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