Monday, November 1, 2010

"Bugs life" Halloween

Jake's 1st Halloween!

What a fun week! I knew it would be fun to have babies during holidays... but, I had NO idea how much fun! Even though the little guy didn't trick or treat, it was fun getting him all dressed up and to watch my husband take him around to our neighbors homes. In fact, it was so cool watching the daddies take their babies around while the mommies stayed back and drank a little vino. ;)

I made baked ziti, garlic bread, pumpkin cake, cookies, and I had PLENTY of wine! I had the house all ready for our guests... and of course Jake was ready as a spider! Funny thing is that I'm allergic to spiders! How funny that I dressed my little man up as one? My husband is so cute... he wanted me to get all dressed up... but, after having a baby 8 weeks ago I don't feel as sexy as I did last Halloween... I chose to wear scrubs! Yep. Dr. Stone. Listen, when your breast feeding every 2-3hours... a cute little sexy outfit just wont do! 

This week is going to be all about changes! First change... I'm going back to spin tonight. I love getting on that bike and pushing myself to the limit! It burns so many calories and I really do enjoy it! The more extreme the better. I have decided that when Jake gets a little older/bigger Grant and I are going to get bikes and actually bike. I enjoy it so much! The weather is always good in CA and we live at the beach. Why am I not already doing this? And then another change this week (maybe tonight) is that Jake will be sleeping in his own room and in his crib... This is NOT by choice. The doctor seems to think that he will sleep better if it's dark and if he doesn't hear Grant and I moving or snoring (Grant snores... not me of course)...And not to mention we'll eventually sleep better too! But, now I need to buy ANOTHER chair for Jake's room... one that will fit up the stairs! Any suggestions on places to buy a nice rocking chair? 

Moving right along... Let's take a look at our Halloween! Earlier in the day my brother and sister in law came over and brought us lunch... they really wanted to see Jake so they came down early in the day. Vicki was still here so she was able to love on Jake for his first Halloween as well! Grant took his momma to the airport that afternoon... she'll be back to celebrate Christmas with us. Later that day, Grant and I had some couples and friends come over for dinner and drinks. It was so fun! 3 of the couples brought their little ones... Looks like we were all on the same page for dressing our little ones. We all had a bug theme... 

I would like to call the theme of our Halloween: "BUGS LIFE"

Without further adieu... 
 My little spider
 Stella - Lady Bug, Jake - Spider, and Adelyn - Catapiller
 Our family 
Daddies with their babies,,, getting ready for trick or treating
Pumpkins on a stick??
 A few pictures from the week:
Like father... like son...
 Grant, Grandmother Stone, and Jake
Have a great week,
Love and cheers,


  1. What a cute little spider! I love the picture of the babies together...and what a cute name...Stella.

    You will definitely love the holidays with a little one. Christmas is all about them, and all of the events leading up to Christmas Day are a blast. Last year we literally went to a different event down here every weekend in December.

    Good luck with Jake in the crib. Addison got used to noise (I wanted her to be able to sleep in the car or anywhere for that matter), so I never quieted down the house. She sleeps better with sounds. I even turn on a little fan in her room just for added noise. Babies definitely march to a different drum, and he will sleep where he is most comfortable. Sometimes that's not a good thing. ;-)

  2. looks like a great time was had by all! (and p.s. the food looked delicious!)

  3. Super cute little spider you guys have! We are planning on getting a glider. I like the higher back being that i'm 5-8. Maybe Grant would too. My favorite brand is Dutailier. I like the amount of wood and cloth selections. Babies R Us coupons each month usually have a discount. and i think even on a special order :)

  4. Having kids changes a lot of how we see the world and ourselves.

    Your little guy is a very handsome spider! :o)

    Stopping by from Bloggy Moms

  5. Cute little spider you have there!
    I'm a new reader of your blog

    Dana (bloggymom)

  6. Holidays are fun, even more fun now that we are moms!

    Glad I found you at Mommyblogs, and now I am following.

  7. following from bloggy moms! What an adorable spider! Come over and say hi when you get a sec

  8. OMG! Stella looks like she pushing for the front spot! LOL! Thanks for inviting us...we had so much fun!


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