Sunday, November 7, 2010

Month of Thanks... week 1

I usually blog about why I'm thankful on a weekly basis... It's usually coupled with baby postings. I wanted to do something a little different this month mainly because we are approaching the Thanksgiving holiday. I want to blog once a week (day will be based on when I have time with a newborn in tow) to say thank you to those special people or things in my life.

Week 1.
I would like to express my thankfulness for my hubby. My husband has been very supportive of me and my needs throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey. No matter how busy or tired he is he makes sure I get time out with the girls or that he takes Jake so I can sleep extra hours here and there. In September my husband threw me a surprise 30th birthday party, sent me out shopping, and helped with the baby while I recovered from my c-section. This continued into October with shopping sprees with my best friend, lunches, dinners, and an occasional happy hour with my sorority sisters. November just arrived and I already have a spa day/wine tasting set up, walks with my loves (hubs and baby on Saturday mornings), and sleep days already lined up!

I'm blogging to say thank you to my wonderful husband Grant. Thank you for all you do without me asking. I'm so very grateful to have you come home when you are tired from your busy work/travel schedule and do things that I need help with. I love being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and I especially love being Jake's mom and YOUR wife. You make me happy and I'm so thankful for you. I look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you and our family we are creating together.

I appreciate all you do and it doesn't go unnoticed.

Love your wife,


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! Now following your cute blog!


  2. Aww that's so sweet! Love it! and the new look of your blog... super cute!

  3. Very sweet! I don't talk often enough about the things I'm very thankful for! I should do it more often!

    I'm now following you from bloggy moms! I would love for you to stop by and follow me too at (my mainstream mom blog) and/or (my fictionally based fairy blog just for fun!)


  4. It is so wonderful to have a husband who helps! Congratulations!

  5. Hello Brooke,
    I love the blog design!
    I'm new to all this, but am now following you :)

    I'd just like to say congratulations to you and Grant on the birth of Jake :)



    Mum of 2, United Kingdom


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