Friday, July 9, 2010

9 weeks to go!

9 weeks left as of yesterday!

I decided to wait until after I had our 2nd Lamaze class to blog. Can I just vent on how lame the class is? First, the audio visual didn't work so the teacher talked through the entire video... I still have NO idea what was going on. Second, the people in the videos... are straight out of the 80s, and severely overweight (I don't mean that to sound rude...but, I'm worried the whole time because the woman is screaming and crying. And my doctor has said over and over to stay in good shape for a easier delivery and a fast recovery),  and third, the breathing... I'm totally lost in the class... The breathing and the counting... who will have time for that will labor begins? Am I really going to count out my breathing and start a pattern? From what I understand I'll be lucky I stay married through this process. I heard during the "transition" period I may start cussing and screaming at him?!

My only example of child birth was my mother when she had Dylan in 2003. She didn't make any noises but breathing, and was in labor for 5 hours. I know my mother is extremely strong, but wont things be worse if your screaming and shouting? The people in these ridiculous videos are in and out of the shower, in baths, up and down the aisle ways, laying in the hallway...etc. Can't I just walk around and then lay in bed and concentrate without all the drama?

Anyhow, I didn't learn anything... The only thing I learned is that my husband actually pays more attention than I do, and he will rub me the entire time if I want him to. I feel lucky I have him to be there through this experience of bringing our son into the world.

In other news... I started in on Jake's room. Mainly unpacked boxes and put things up and away. I decided to build the lamp for Jake's room and unpack every box that was in his room. Now his room is completely empty but a dresser, a rug, and a lamp. His closet is completely full of items I got on The Ellen show and from my first shower. I have his clothes hanging and a laundry basket full of clothes to wash next month. I decided my wash day will be August 9th. Exactly one month from his due date. Until then... Grant and I just picked out the crib and changing table and will buy that next week. (the one we originally wanted is on back order until September). We just ordered our chair and ottoman, and should be getting that in about a week or two.

Here is a picture of what I accomplished yesterday. I should have had a before picture... so, just imagine lots of boxes on the floor! In making a varsity/sports themed room, I thought it would be perfect to hang Grant's basketball jersey up. Grant originally had it in our office/man room, but I thought it would be cute to hang it in his sons room. I also, put a few things on one of his dressers. I wont keep it that way... but, you can see the other varsity lamp we bought for his room.
Well, that's all for now. Grant and I are leaving for our "babymoon" this afternoon! I hope to relax and spend more quality time with him before the baby comes and things get even busier. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Love and Cheers,


  1. Great job, love the jersey on the wall!! Have a great weekend and enjoy!! Little Jake will be here before you know it. PS on the lamaze class or what every they call it, yes very lame, I never used a bit of that stuff, just tried to stay as calm as I could. Big hugs!! S

  2. That's so cute with the jersey in the room! I never did lamaze because I think it's like CPR, you take the classes but don't really remember it afterward. I definitely did not scream or shout. I always laugh when I see people sweating and screaming on t.v. You will definitely count and get into a breathing pattern. Because they have you push for 10 seconds (ideally), you have to count and get the repetition going, or that baby won't come out. It's bad, but not at all like they show on t.v. or movies. The only time I got mad was because Carlos wasn't putting enough pressure on my feet. Lol! You will get through it fine! No screaming, and only crying when you see your baby! Have fun on your babymoon!

  3. I agree, love the jersey! Brandon and I only went to one lamaze class b/c he ended up breaking his foot and was in too much pain to sit there. I bought some "Laugh and Learn about Childbirth" DVD that we watched at home. But seriously, none of it is necessary, especially if you plan to get an epidural. So I say ditch the remainder of the classes and go out for ice cream instead!! :)

  4. Lamaze classes are awful! Did you go to Long Beach Memorial? At the end of the day your body will tell you what it needs. I didn't ever to into the shower or a tub. Nor did I walk. I slept until it was time to push. Our nurses counted breating for us, which was awesome because that ability had left me completely. My mouth was like cotten from an oxygen mask and breathing, ice chips were my savior. I think you just need to listen to your body and you'll be fine! xoxo


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