Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 weeks left!

I'm 33 weeks today! Each week is super exciting for me!

What's new with The Stones this week...

First and Foremost...

JAKE IS STILL BREECH!! He's not just any breech... He's Frank Breech. Here is what that looks like:

What is the definition of Breech birth: Wikipedia (click on link for more information)

I swear he is taking after Grant. haha. I think he's already being stubborn (ok can't lie... I'm stubborn too)... and will come on his own time... when he's good and ready! Bet he'll be late too! Grant was 10 days late! If he was taking after me... he would already be in the go position, getting ready for an early arrival. I'm early to everything... even my entry into this world was a week early. Ready or not... Here I came! :) God has a plan for this little guy... Only he knows when he is going to enter this world and if he's going to turn!

Good news: He still has 7 weeks to turn. I'm praying he does too. I'm fearful of a c section. But, I don't want to jeopardize Jake's safety. My doctor said at 36 weeks we will start to talk about my options. I still remain true to having a normal vaginal delivery. I want to go into labor on Jake's terms. At that point if he hasn't turned I will do a c section. But, I'm not going to schedule one. I have talked to several people and their babies turned just days before there arrival. So, pray he turns on his own! :)

My Mom and Dylan have their flights booked. They are coming in on September 7th and staying until September 18th! I couldn't be more excited to have my mom there!! Vicki is planning on coming for a week in October, so it will be nice to have my mother in law in town as well! Can't wait for the baby to meet his Grandma's! Also, my grandma plans on coming as well!! We are still trying to figure out the best time for her to come... perhaps in between my mom and Grant's mom. Jake will have a great grandma to love him too! :)

We got our chair home... and guess what? IT DOESN'T FIT UP THE STAIRS! So... now the chair is in the living room. I'm pretty sad that I don't have a chair for the babies room though. I'm going to start looking for inexpensive chairs for the room now (any ideas... please comment or email me), and keep this chair downstairs, where I do plan on spending lots of time with Jake.

The crib and changing table/dresser came in, so we will be picking those up this weekend! I'm really hoping everything makes it up the stairs, or Jake's room will be in the living room... ;) Here is the furniture we ended up buying (in dark cherry wood, and minus the girly colors/bedding):
Last night the girls and I went to stroll and savor... It was so fun. It was weird strolling without a tasty cab in hand though. ;) Tonight is concert in the park! I usually go to Trader Joe's to pick up wine, sparkling water and tasting treats! Then we head down to the concert where at least 20 of us hang out and catch up!

This weekend we will be getting the baby room in order! I also have Kerilyn's bridal shower (my college roommate)! I'm so excited for their wedding this August! I'll be 37 1/2 weeks by then!

Love and cheers,


  1. Emma was Frank breech as well. She was born with her legs behind her head. The pictures are crazy. As you remember, she was also born at 33 weeks! She is amazing and healthy so you are good to go =). I do pray that he cooks a little longer for you.

    Miss ya!

  2. I just went to a pregnancy aches and pains workshop by my chiropractor and she told us about the "Webster breech technique" that is a specific pressure point on a ligament that is held to release the tight ligament to allow the little guy/girl to turn. Worth a try!


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