Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mommies... I need your advice!

I have been getting emails and phone calls from friends asking if Grant and I are ready for our baby to arrive. My answer is NO. I just assume that at 40 weeks he will come. But, that is not the case. God is going to send this little guy to us when he is ready... and guess what... No one knows when this will be. At my last doctor appointment my doctor said that at 34 weeks he could come and would have a 99% survival rate with a few days/weeks in NICU. This lead me to think... What the heck do I have to do still? After talking with a friend that had her baby at 33 weeks, and hearing a few other stories of women having their babies a month or 5 weeks early I started to panic a little.

This morning I woke up, made muffins, coffee, and waited for Grant to come downstairs. We sat down, ate, and talked... This time he brought it up. He said, "babe, what would I need to get if the baby came now?". I just stared at him. My response, "Umm... not sure! Some sort of bag with clothes and snacks (vaguely remember this from our horrible lamaze class), and a car seat."  To which he replied... "why do we have all this furniture and no car seat?" Again, I had no answer. My vision has mainly been operation Jake's baby room... The funny thing is that I sit and type this blog on the rocking chair/ottoman I had to have... you know... the one that doesn't even fit up the stairs! haha. Needless to say I would love if my ladies would comment or send me an email in regards to what you thought was a great item to have at the hospital. And must have items waiting while you got home. I feel like I have a good idea... but, it would be great to hear what you thought was helpful! Also, with the possible thought that Jake stays breech... are there must haves for moms that have c sections? 

I still have another baby shower next Saturday, and I don't expect my little man to come yet... But, it would be great if I put a bag together and perhaps made a list of "needs" if Jake comes early! 

Thank you all for your help! 

Love and Cheers,


  1. B, do not worry. First of all, God is in control and he will bring Jake here when it is his time. Secondly, I measured low fluid for 5 weeks before they delivered Emma via emergency c-section. I was not prepared at all but somehow, things came together. I was not prepared for a c-section and felt robbed of the birthing process but still had the same gift in the end. The most important thing is that your baby is safe. If you have had no problems so far, you are good to go. Frank breech is difficult to reverse so just prepare yourself for a c-section. I am here for you!

  2. A few of my friends that are moms said that their "must have items" were the Boppy pillow and the Bumbo seat.

    Not a Mom yet so I can't say for sure, but that is what I've been told ;)

    So excited for you guys, and I'm sure everything will turn out exactly the way it is suppose to, but I completely understand what you are feeling and it's indescribable.

    Good luck with everything Brooke, you, Grant and baby Jake are in my prayers!

  3. I was going to say the one thing you don't need is the Bumbo seat. Lol! Most people force their kids to sit in them before they are ready, and everyone I know that used them had kids that sat up much later than Addison who sat up at 4 months on her own. I would say that for the hospital, definitely things to read and DVD's in case there is nothing on t.v. I bought really nice pajamas but felt so gross from the bleeding (I know TMI), that I didn't wear them and returned them. I was really numb even the next day from the epidural so I barely got out of bed, but slippers and your own robe are definitely good. For him I would take different size outfits and a blanket for the car ride home. I seriously got a car seat when I was about 6 months, lol! Take snacks for Grant and an ipod to listen to music and drown out the monitors which can be scary depending on the babies activity. At home, the only thing I hadn't gotten which my mom had waiting for us was a bouncy seat with vibration. They are supposed to calm babies, especially collicky ones. I never had that issue but it was definitely something good to have. If the hospital is as awesome as ours was, they will send you home with some stuff. We ended up with 2 cases of enfamil ready-made bottle thingys, diaper bags with formula (which of course I had a diaper bag), the best comb ever which I still use, aspirators, thermometers, cute hats, etc. One thing I took which was totally unecessary was a diaper bag. Another thing is that as nice as they are to receive, balloons and flowers are more of a hassle. You will do great Brooke. He will definitely come when he is ready! And most babies are born late anyway, so I wouldn't worry. You will though, because everyone told me Addison would be late and I had everything ready by 8 months because I was so paranoid. It's always good to be ready!

  4. So I ended up with a c-section and really hadn't wanted one. I also had to be on bedrest b/c I started dilating so early only to end up being induced b/c I never went into labor. It just happens in its own time.

    Anyways, a must have that I never considered is high waisted granny panties. If you end up having a c-section you won't want any pants, underwear etc that is low riding. It digs in when you sit and feels awful. Get the highest, loosest clothes you can. Or send Grant out if you end up with a c-section. That's what I did once I realized.

    Oh and as far as the baby is concerned. You'd be surprised how little you need. Some place for them to sleep, clothes, and a car seat.

  5. Yes, I agree... you won't NEED a lot for the baby, especially in the beginning, so if you just make sure you have the carseat to get him home, you will be fine. (Have lots of onesies, though, because those little boys like to pee when you change their diapers!!) Bring loose clothes/pajamas for yourself because- as much as we wish it weren't the case- you will still look pregnant right after Jake is born, and you won't want to squeeze into anything right away. And like your friend mentioned, you probably won't want to bring anything new or nice because it might get ruined. But don't stress... everything will be fine, and if there is anything you decide you need, there are plenty of people who will help you out (myself included)!

  6. Ohhh Sista!! Elijah came 4 weeks early and I was SO not ready! I barely washed his clothes because my mom insisted and Corey put up the crib the day before when I started having contractions ... when I found out I was having him THAT day (via c-section ... it's not as bad as you think, I've had TWO) I told Corey to get my Boppy and my Hooter Hider to bring to the hospital and that he could come back for the carseat since I would be there for a few days. If you don't have a HH or some kind of nursing cover - get one so that you can still visit and not have your big ole boobs exposed and the Boppy is a must have cuz your arms get tired and it's so much more comfy. And of course don't forget to have your camera battery charged and extra memory cards! While in the hospital, it's easier to wear the tanks w/shelf bra or a nursing tank and your robe. (no bottoms needed over your granny panties cuz it does get MESSY!)
    When you get home all you need is your boobs, diapers, wipes, onesies, receiving blankets ... if your new place is 2 stories then have a pack-n-play or bassinet set up downstairs so you dont have to keep going up and down ... can you tell I've done this a few times :)
    Good Luck Sista - call me if you need ANYTHING!!

  7. I sent you an email - I hope it helps. It is from a blog i love. the couple do their research and only buy the necessities.

  8. I have no idea sista, but I will see you next weekend! Can't wait. You are learning everything for me....when it comes my time, I'll be coming to you for advise. LOVE YOU!


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