Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer 2016 - part THREE

Every summer is a little different for us. The boys are able to do more and more, and go places without naps (Asher hasn't napped in about 2 years), or a schedule (they can stay up later without being cranky). They go with the flow. It makes everything so much easier. Staying close to home this summer as Scarlett gets a little older has been nice. We can go where ever ... whenever. Love it! I'm actually a little sad school is starting, because I've enjoyed our lazy mornings together. Scarlett is getting bigger, and getting on a great schedule that is making things easier. Living in So Cal we don't have to travel far for a vacation lifestyle. The beach is only 3 miles away from our house.  

We still have another week left, so we have a few more adventures planned. Next week Jake starts Kindergarten, and turns 6! The week after Asher is starting TK! This is Asher's last year at his preschool. Jake is starting Friday Night Lights (flag football), and Asher is going to play baseball! My boys are getting so big. Love them so! 

It's going to be Miss Scarlett and I at home, and doing things together while the boys are at school. I'll enjoy having this special time with her as well. 

So... here are a few more pics of our summer.
Breakie with my babes.
Scarlett's first time on a swing. Asher was pushing her.
Nature walk with friends.
Atlantis Splash pad and park.

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