Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer 2016 - Part ONE

This has been a great year for us. Jake started at his elementary school (TK), and will head to Kindergarten in the fall. Asher finished up another year of preschool, and will be back for his final year before he will head to elementary school as well. Next fall the boys will be in first and kinder. WOW. It feels like time went slow when I had a 17 month old and a newborn. Then all of a sudden once Jake turned 3, and started preschool, the time started flying by. People think I'm crazy when I say I miss the times both my babies were at home with me. With NO plans unless we made them. No obligations. Just babies and mommy time. I'm lucky I have this time with Scarlett now. But, I'm missing my baby boys. Good thing they still snuggle on their mommy and daddy. Sweet boys! It's also so incredible seeing them turn into little boys. I sometimes look at them, and can't believe I made these little people. They have the silliest conversations, and actually have so much to say... about EVERYTHING! They both are SO different, and bring so much joy. Adding Scarlett to our family was the icing on the cake. She is so sweet and sassy. She is already the boss of the boys. The boys just adore her, and the feeling is mutual. Nothing but craziness and love at the Stone house. ;) 

Here is the beginning of our summer, starting off with Asher's spring/summer play. They were able to wear their PJ's and they sang the most adorable songs. Asher of course took it very serious. It was hilarious and super cute. 
Asher and his teacher. We love her so.
Jake finished up his first year of elementary school. He had a great year meeting new friends, and had an outstanding teacher. It was great having Jake go into TK, before kinder. We got to see how the school operates, meet new kids (and parents), and get accustomed to how the next phase in our life with school will go. Its going to be hard saying good bye to the preschool, but we are excited for our children's future. 

Here are the kids saying good bye on the last day of school. Such good buddies. We called these buddies, the "TK crew".
We've been to the movies...
Birthday parties...
SWIM CAMP! This was so awesome. TK crew had a fun week of swimming, crafts, and all around fun!
They even let Asher join in on the fun! Asher was stoked! Ash is 4 going on 13.
Happy hour playdate at the Stone house.
Swim lessons with Ms. Jill (more pics to follow on a different blog). This was Scarlett's first swim lesson. She was NOT a fan. We'll try again next year.
Summer part 2 coming next!

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