Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer 2016 - part TWO

This blog is two of three... so, I'll just make this one a picture post with maybe a caption. :)

Fun with the best neighbors ever.
VBS at our church. So thrilled my kids can attend such an incredible church, with a great kids ministry. This is Jake and Asher's second VBS with our church. They already can't wait until next year.
Kids donating. Raising money for the upcoming school year, and donations for new backpacks to children in need.
 Bay days...
 More swim lesson fun!
Playdates with friends and their babies.  #levenstone
 More bay days...
The boys catching a ride on some girls paddle boards.
VBS at the kids preschool. This is Jake's third year at this VBS.
 My aunt and uncle set up a suite at the Staples Center for the Circus on Ice.
Blog number three up next!

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