Friday, August 19, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

Since Scarlett is so young, we decided to stick around this year and not travel too far. This included staying around for the Fourth of July.

Our neighborhood has a parade, chili cook off, and block party at one of our parks, so we decided to stay home. THIS WAS A GREAT DECISION. The entire day was fun, and it ended in our backyard watching a very cool firework show. We live down the street from a country club and they have a huge show. We put Scarlett to bed, and then the rest of us put on our PJ's and sat outside and watched the show.

What a great day. Here are some pictures of our Fourth.
Scarlett with her bestie Ana.
Then cousin Amanda and Ryan came over the day before the Fourth. It was so good seeing them both. I love her dearly! 
Scarlett styled by cousin Mandy!

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