Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scarlett Ann - EIGHT months

My sweet mommy's girl. I love you so! You are growing so fast, and learning so many fun (dangerous) things. You are almost walking! You cruise the furniture and take your little walker through the kitchen. You love to be with me. In fact, I cook almost every meal holding you. You are SO sweet. However, you can be pretty darn sassy as well. 

We all adore you Miss. Scarlett. Here are some pictures from your eighth month. 

Highlight from month 8... you got 2 bottom teeth! You got them in right before you turned 9 months. 
First swim lesson. You weren't a fan. We will try again next year. :)
Your fan club. Jake 5.5, Asher 4, Scarlett 8 months.
Neighbor Emma.
 Bay days with friends and family.
 Your friend Paisley.
 You LOVE broccoli.
 Bay days are so fun! Your all over the place.
 Bath time baby.
Getting around the house. 

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