Friday, November 4, 2016

Scarlett Ann - TEN and ELEVEN months

In ONE week our littlest love will be ONE! ONE!!!!!!

Obviously time flies. But, I will say with the third baby, time just escaped us. We blinked and she is turning one. She is such an incredible little girl. She is so smart, and sassy. She keeps us on our toes. All of us. Even her brothers. She loves to chase them around and play with their toys (minus the tiny Lego pieces). She thinks they're pretty great. And they also think the same of her!

She's been taking steps since she was 9.5 months old. Eating solids, breast milk throughout the day, one formula bottle at night (started at 9 months), saying momma, dada, bra-dy, yay (and clapping), and saying h-i! She's sleeping through the night. Goes down at 6:30/7pm and up around 6am. Two naps a day still (9:30am and 2:30pm). She LOVES running around outside, playing with my makeup and bath time.

Scarlett has had 8 ear infections. Along with the ear infections, she was diagnosed with mild childhood asthma. The asthma has been a little more stressful. She's going to get tubes next week in hopes that clears up the constant fluid in her ears. The doctor said it will help her tremendously. And with the asthma, most children can grow out of it. However, while she's this little and in the winter months I have to give her an inhaler 2x a day- Qvar (and then Albuterol along with it when she gets wheezy), and keep her away from kiddos with colds. Super easy with two older brothers in school. When she gets a cold it tends to go into her lungs. So, we are trying to prevent that from happening. Anyhow, we are hopeful for the tubes. And happy the inhaler has been working. We go back to her pulmonary doctor in January to decide if we'll stop the Qvar or continue it. The doctor thinks this is temporary... and that being proactive is the best at this point. I agree. We know that she's a healthy, happy, thriving little lady... We're hoping with these little colds, when she gets to preschool she never gets sick. ha ha.

So, here are a few of her pictures from the last few months. I'll post Halloween pictures, and more fun things soon.

Month 10
 Family time.

Month 11
Love her so!

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