Monday, August 22, 2016

Ya Ya's visit!

My mom and little brother came into town last week for 10 days. It's always nice having family in town for so many reasons. One of the biggest is because the boys can't wait to see them. Uncle D is everything to Jake. He just adores him. I miss them so much. I look forward to every trip. And before everyone leaves... we plan our next trip. It makes it easier to say good bye when we have another date to look forward to. 

Here is a pic of my mom and Dylan saying good night to Scarlett. They were delayed 5 hours... so, by the time they arrived, it was her bedtime. Thankfully she stayed up to at least get hugs and kisses.
The next day, Grant was in the Dwight Crum pier to pier swim. 2.2 mile ocean swim. It goes from Redondo Beach pier to Manhattan Beach pier. My mom stayed with the kiddos, while my little bro and I went to cheer Grant on.

We parked by this cool shop... with a cool name! ;)
Dylan and I got one of his favorite coffee drinks (he likes to go to Coffee Bean when he's in town), and a chocolate croissant.
Then we greeted Grant right after the race. I of course was screaming so loud the moment I saw him appear out of the ocean. So proud of him.
Another day we had lunch in Seal Beach. We love to spend time walking around main street, and getting shells from the beach.
My mom will kill me if she sees this photo. But, how sweet is this? I walked in from working out one morning and saw this. love love love.
Scarlett is VERY particular with who she loves on. She loved her time with her ya ya.
Scarlett and her uncle D. I think Scarlett looks a little like him.
The last night my family was in town we went to my aunt and uncle's house for a birthday party. Great way to end the trip! 
My silly boys jumped behind the bar and pretended to be bartenders. Nice try little's.
The very last day we had brunch after church, and a little ice cream. It's always so sad saying goodbye. And now it's even harder for Jake. I had to wipe his little tears for two days. ugh. But, we will hopefully see them at Scarlett's first birthday, and Christmas! Until then!
My guys.

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