Monday, April 22, 2013

Being prepared is key part deux...

Yep. It happened again. Only this time... on a much worse of a scale.

This morning at 6:45am I packed up the boys, gave them milk, a little snack, and we headed out the door to pick up Grant from LAX. Grant has been out of town for his mom's birthday celebration in Oklahoma City.

At about 7am, sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the carpool lane on the 405, Asher started to cry. I looked back and to my surprise (and possibly his) he started to throw up. I mean... BIG TIME. It was everywhere. So, what to do when your not even moving in L.A. traffic? I pulled into the shoulder of the carpool lane. Thankfully, there was an area to pull over in. I looked back and it was everywhere. Jake shouting, "OH NO, GO GO!!"

I had my diaper bag in the front seat, so I unlocked my seat belt, and began to clean off Asher. Throwing everything on the floor. His clothes, wipes, sweatshirts, diapers, books, toys, and pretty much everything that was in Asher's puke path. I managed to crawl in the backseat and take off his clothes, and grab my spare bag in the back for extra blankets. THANK GOD I'M ONLY 5'4, AND I DRIVE A BIG SUV. I was able to get him cleaned up, back in the seat, and all the nasty puke in a pile on the floor. I wrapped Asher in a clean blanket, and made my way back onto the carpool lane. And if your a Californian, you know how generous, and polite people are around these neck of the woods. So, with a little aggressive driving, I was able to get back into the lane and continue onto the 105, and then to LAX.

Asher was crying the entire way to the airport, sitting in traffic, puke all over the car. Have I ever mentioned I'm a neat freak too? I was kinda freaking out. But, I didn't want to upset the boys. I finally made it into the structure and parked. I was able to throw all the puke items away, and I took off my shirt (I was wearing a tank underneath my shirt), and put it on Asher. I brought him into the front seat with me, and played Toy Story on the iPad for the boys.

Grant finally got to the car, and we put Asher back into his seat. I sat between the boys (yes... most likely in puke), and rubbed Asher until we got home. I think poor little Asher got car sick. :/

I lived an entire day by 7:30am. I smell, I'm tired, I don't feel well, and I need a nap. However, a 2 1/2 year old, and a 1 year old don't understand that... so, I will continue on with my day until they nap, and go from there. At this current moment, both boys are bathed, fed, happy, and are down for naps too. Time for a little mama time! Think I'll go take another shower for the day!

Just gotta laugh, right?

Happy Monday! :)

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