Monday, April 8, 2013


That pretty much sums up my last week. March was a busy month, but April has been even busier. Week by week it is slowing down... until May when it will speed back up again!

Grant traveled last Monday through Thursday for work. It was yet again, just the boys and I. My best little buddies. They are the best little boys. I'm so lucky. We played, ran errands, danced, sang, ran around, did puzzles, blocks, Lego's, and played outside some more. We had movie nights, and snuggled. But, we still missed daddy. When he walked through the door its sheer excitement! The boys woke up and daddy was home. They went running for him. They were so happy. I was too. :)

Friday we had an evening wedding, and then early Saturday morning, I went to Palm Springs for one of my best friends bachelorette parties. 
1st wedding of the season!
THE FIRST NIGHT AWAY FROM MY BOYS SINCE JAKE WAS 12 MONTHS OLD (For Grant's best friend Kevin's wedding in San Diego). I was a little anxious. I like my gym time, spa time, and my date nights, but I like to be home with my little men. I agree with getting some alone time, but it's still hard to leave with them being so young for overnight trips. Grant is an amazing father. He loves to be with the boys, and wanted me to leave so I could enjoy some girl time. The boys are and were in great hands. Grant sent me lots of pictures and kept me updated with what they were doing. They clearly had a blast. They went to the park, Grant's best friends house for a play date, and they even went to Church on Sunday. 

I got to Palm Springs around 10 am, and we went straight to the pool. The rest of the girls got there on Friday evening. So, I was the last to arrive. The pool reminded me of old Vegas days. It was packed, and much like a day club. It was fun, we got our spots, and spent most of the time in the pool. Kristy and I left to go to the spa around 1:30pm. We were there for a few hours and then had a little lunch. The rest of the girls stayed at the pool and went back to the rooms for a nap.
At the pool with Kristy.
Sorority sisters.
I got home on Sunday afternoon and felt so blessed to have an amazing husband, great kids, and awesome friends. It was a fun day/night and I'm so glad I got to spend that time with one of my best friends. I'm so very happy for her and her fiancé. They are a great couple! I can't wait to celebrate their wedding this coming June in Wine Country. :)

On to another busy week, with many more exciting things to come! Have a great week all!

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