Monday, February 25, 2013

Monthly pictures of Asher

At 7:05pm, on February 24, Grant and I became parents to another little munchkin. Grant and I were thrilled  to have another healthy, happy, baby boy.

Over the last year, I've seen this little newborn grow into an infant, and now into a toddler. As happy as that makes me... It still makes me a little teary eyed. I love all the stages... but, it just goes by too fast. Asher was the happiest little boy! Always smiling, cooing, and laughing. He was happy just sitting up, bouncing in his bouncer, talking, and watching all of us. 

Asher has made this family so very complete. Jake and Asher run around the house and talk to each other. I have no idea what is going on... but, they certainly do. It makes my heart so happy seeing the joy they bring each other. Exactly why Grant and I wanted kids so close in age. It's challenging for me at times... but, it just gets easier! Oh how much I love seeing them play and interact! 

Now that Asher is officially 12 months old... I can post all of the sticker pictures that I took. My kids are so hard to take photos of... They move and are so active early... but, I still manage to accomplish the task of the monthly pics! I'm so glad I started this when Jake was born. :)
Next blog post will be Asher's first birthday party! We held the party yesterday and feel so incredibly blessed and thankful for all of those that made Asher's first birthday special!

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