Monday, February 11, 2013

A few of my favorite baby things... A guide for new mothers.

Recently I've had a few friends that are becoming mommies this year ask me what my favorite things are. I usually just take a look at their registries and add what I thought was helpful. But, since I have so many people asking me recently, I thought I could blog a few of my favorite things.

I will also say every mom is different. Some people swear by other things than I like. Each baby is different as well. I can post brands, but you can do your own research as to what works best for you and your family.

Hope this helps! If I forget anything... I will come back and add on... so, you can always check back, or message me privately.

1. A video monitor. This is a must in my house. I have one for Jake and Asher. It helps me sleep at night knowing I can see, and hear them. I recommend Summer Infant. I have 2 of them. My favorite one is the touch screen version. monitor

2. AQUAPHOR and A&D ointment. I use this daily on my boys. It's the best. I don't like the Destin, etc... because I don't like the white residue. However, I have used those as well.

3. A lovey. They wont use this right away... but, by a few months old, by boys loved theirs. Jake still sleeps with his.

4. A good set of bottles. I have the Medela because they work well with the Medela pump I have. I also like the Avent bottles as well.

5. Medela breast pump. I believe this is hands down the best pump! I used it with Jake, and then called the manufacturer and had them send me new tubes for when I pumped with Asher. breastpump

6. If your going to pump you definitely will want a hands free breast pump bra. Then you can pump both sides at once and do other things at the same time. TRUST ME.... THIS IS A GREAT ITEM!

7. Nursing tanks. I lived in mine! I had Bravado and I got some at Target as well.

8. Medela quick clean bags. You can sterilize the bottles, pacifiers, and nipples all in the microwave. BRILLIANT!

9. Medela pump bags. I stored all my milk in these. I didn't buy the plastic containers for storage. They took up too much space in the freezer. The bags lay flat and I could stack them.

10. DON'T WASH EVERYTHING! I washed everything and used half of it. It's hard when your a neat freak not to clean everything... but, if you can help it... don't. If you have lots of the same sizes, keep the receipt and exchange for larger sizes. My boys were born in the 7 pound range and never even wore the newborn/0-3 size clothes!

11. Have lots of diapers and wipes in the closet. You will go through so many in a day! I always liked Huggies. But, I used pampers when they were newborns. It's just my preference.

12. My kids were never swaddled. They hated it. I also didn't force it. I do own the miracle blanket, summer infant swaddlers, muslin blankets, etc. I still have them... in case I have a baby one day that likes it. ;) I have no advice here. ha ha.

13. Soothie pacifiers where a big hit when my babies were newborns.

14.  MAM pacifiers. My boys were big fans of this as babies. Both my boys were weaned off the pacifier at 6 months old. They just didn't have an interest after that.

15. Aden and Anais muslin blankets. I love these. You can used for swaddling, the stroller, the car seat, etc. They are light, breathable blankets.

16. Jake loved his glow worm. It helped us get through many sleepless nights. And if helped him fall asleep. God bless the glow worm.

17. Anything by Baby Einstein. My boys loved the everything by them.

18. I got a wipes warmer with Jake, but never used it. I have been using it with Asher and I love it. They don't get as startled when you take a warm wipe instead of a cold one. Think about that for a minute.

19. A bouncer... by 4 months my boys were jumping away in it!

20. A Bumbo. Helpful to get them to sit up, and also great for a few of their first feedings. My boys grew out of it so quickly... but, it was cool in the beginning. DON'T LEAVE THE CHILD IN IT UNASSISTED. I know that is a duh comment, but I have friends do that and there was a mini accident.

21. A good high chair.

22. A mattress pad. I think it provides a little warmth and cushion.

23. Extra sheets for the bassinet and the crib. Enough said.

24. Humidifier. Cool mist.

25. A good thermometer. One for the newborns... and one for the ear (when they get a little older).

26. Contour changing pad. Get 2 covers... One to put on while the other is being washed.

27. Hooter hider. Great for breastfeeding in more public places. I didn't breastfeed in front of people, but if I fed my little ones in the car, I used this to cover myself. I actually kept one at my house and one in my diaper bag.

28. Diaper Genie or any brand to put dirty diapers in.

29. Baby Ergo baby carrier. I never used the newborn attachment though. My boys were too big for it... I love the fact I could cover there little head from other people breathing on them or cover them from the sun.

30. Baby bath. I went through 3 until I found the one that worked for us. This is the one that I loved: bath tub

31. Baby bath seat. This was great starting around 5 months old...bath seat

32. Boppy New born lounger. I loved and used this more than the original boppy. My boys loved this! We did tummy time, they napped, and they sat a little propped up in it.

33. Boppy was good for breast feeding after my Cesarean with Jake. However, I heard the "breast friend" is amazing as well for that.

34. A bottle brush.

35. A bottle dryer.

36. The sticky question is about car seats and strollers. This is a personal preference. My advice would be to pick the stroller of your choice and then find out what is compatible with that stroller. I'm a BOB girl... so, Graco is a good fit for that. But, even that has changed over the last year. Its compatible with much more! I also like the Vista Uppa Baby strollers as well. However, every year brings new strollers... I suggest going to a location that has them all and push them around. Take into consideration if you want more babies close together and what stroller you can add to, etc. I have a Teutonia stroller and car seat, a single BOB, and a double BOB. I had to get big strollers for the big baby boys Grant and I were making! Also, a stroller that was tall enough for my 6'8 husband to push around. I can also go for walks, hikes, run, jog, and most importantly shop! I wanted a versatile stroller for my So Cal lifestyle. :)

37. A good diaper bag. I have a Timi and Leslie. This is my favorite bag and brand. It actually looks like a purse. I also have a JuJu Be that I keep in the car for a spare. I suggest keeping a spare bag in the car just in case.

OK, well I hope this was helpful! Like I said... any other questions, call or message me. I'll try and remember to keep adding as I remember more things.

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