Friday, February 15, 2013

Girls night with my besties.

I forgot to post about my girls night last Friday... So, here it goes quickly...

Last Friday night, I arranged a little girls night. It had been awhile since we all got out and caught up. It was so good seeing the girls. But, I'm too old to stay out that late. And not to mention my kids get up so early... I'm usually in bed by 9pm. Yep. I know. :)

We went to a wine bar at the Promenade in Long Beach, and then walked across the street to an Ale House. After that we ended up going down to 2nd street like old times... I couldn't believe I was able to stay awake! Pretty sure my friends thought the same thing!

Here are some pics of my night with the girls.
Kristy, Julie, Katy, Alexis, and I.
Until next time...

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