Friday, February 22, 2013

Letter to my birthday boy, Asher John. (Feb. 24)

Asher John,

My mini me. OK, you look like both of us... but, you have more of my features (he he). Since Jake looks exactly like your dad, I take full pride in the fact you look more like me. ;) Thank you for being the perfect little man that you are. Thank you for your little smiles, your laughter, and your voice. You are my verbal child. You have LOTS to say. You make sure everyone in the room knows what's on your mind. Your amazing in every way.

You love your brother. You love everything about him. You like to follow him, take his toys, wear his clothes, and drink from his cups (even though you have your own of everything). Lately you like to wrestle with him. Your all boy. Your strong willed, loving, and happy. You are incredibly strong. You are the strongest little boy I've ever seen (just like your big brother). You love to play basketball. It's your favorite thing to do when we go outside. You want to play as soon as you see the ball and hoop. You take the ball and walk right up to the basket and slam dunk it! Your just that talented already.

I'm so happy that God gave me you as a gift. What a gift that you are. I smile just at the sight of you. Your not only handsome... you are pretty. My pretty boy. :) But, my pretty boy that is all boy. I squeeze and love on you all day. Your brother adores you too. He loves to play with you, and show you the ropes. Even though you make up your own mind already. You have found your spot in this little family that your father and I have created. The perfect addition to our family.

It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with you. And I will never forget my delivery of you. A successful VBAC. I was admitted into the hospital with VERY strong contractions every minute, and delivered you within 3 hours of getting admitted (45 minutes after I got the epidural). Delivery was a breeze! I was able to hold you right away. Something I couldn't do with your brother. I wanted to make sure I was able to hold you immediately, and that I could run around with you as soon as you came home with us.

I have tears as I write this letter to you. Tears of happiness. I love you so much! You are an incredible little boy. My toddler. You will always be my baby though. No matter where life takes you. And life is going to take you far little man. You are so very special and bring your father, Jake, and I so much joy. I can't wait to see you grow and develop into the person that God designed you to be. I will be here to support and love you along the way.

Thank you for another memorable, blessed year. I love you to pieces.

You are my sunshine. Forever and always.

Your momma

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