Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reflecting on time spent.

What a wonderful holiday season. I hate that it comes and goes so quickly. With not having family locally it's even more special when family travels in to spend that time with us. On December 20th, my grandma and little Brother Dylan flew into town. My parents were both working, so they came out on Christmas day. Then we were all together until everyone left on January 5th. 17 days with some... and 12 with the others. Just about a half of a month. :) Jake just loved all the attention. He went on walks with pop pop every day, played basketball with Dylan, got spoiled by his grandma's... it was hard to see everyone go. 

When my parents left in 2004, I was only 23. I was sad. I remember walking through the home I grew up in... and laying on the floor in my empty room for the last time. Tears running down my face as I left the house. I thought over the years it would get easier. I know I seem to blog about this every time they leave or I leave Boise. I guess blogging about it is my therapy (thanks for reading friends)! Anyhow, it's only gotten harder. Because I have children things have changed. I can't just drive home for dinner, or have my family over. I see my family only a few times a year. We all make the travel... but, it's hard with little ones to follow. Kids get used to traveling, but at 2, and 10 months, we aren't completely there yet. My kids are pretty good too. But, they get bored. Can you blame them? 

I only see my parents a few times a year. WOW. Growing up, my parents were like the Walsh's (To my 1990's friends... the original Beverly Hills 90210 parents). My brother and I always had friends over (we were like twins only being 17 months apart). My parents cooked, talked, played, and did everything with us. I never in a million years thought we'd all be this far from each other. 

This year, Jake questioned things a little. Where's Dylan? Where's pop pop? Where's ya ya? How do you explain to a 2 year old that they live in another state? Or that we wont see them for a few months? UGH. Well, like any 2 year old... he's moved on... but, every once in awhile he'll ask where Dylan is or run over to the door waiting for someone to enter. 

My grandparents were over every weekend... and sometimes during the week. My grandparents were very involved in Marty's and my life. I know my parents will always be involved, but they will miss games, parties, school events, and some holidays. I know this is normal for some people... it's hard for me to grasp. Grant has done an amazing job of making sure we are all close. We both make sure that not too much time passes until we all see each other again. I guess he sees all the happiness I get. :)

Dylan is such an amazing boy. He is so good with my boys. Even though he'd probably rather watch sports center with Grant, he choose to play with Jake. ;) Walks, basketball, dancing, running around, etc. These 2 really are developing a bond. Much like brothers. They are closer in age than Dylan and I are! We are 23 years apart! Jake and Dylan are only 7 years apart. 
My dad was working... and all of a sudden, Jake grabbed his computer, paper, and crayons, and set up shop next to pop pop. 
New Years Even with the ladies in my life. Grandma, and my mommy.
Just out for a walk... no big deal.
Cool older brother. He LOVES his shades.
This year I hope to see my family even more. I hope for more of their visits, and our trips back to visit them! I'm so thankful for our time spent. This was such a wonderful holiday for me personally. I just feel so blessed and fortunate to have wonderful family and friends in my life. I'm looking forward to weddings, babies, new jobs, and many more accomplishments from our family and friends. Isn't that what life's all about? 


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