Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Urgent care party of 3.

Never a dull moment around the Stone house lately. And I have a feeling... it's not going to slow down with a house full of men. So with that said... let me take you through my morning/afternoon.

The day started out quite nice... Kids aren't sick anymore... everyone is in good spirits... it's time for our morning walk... I got Asher packed up, bottle in hand... Jake was set with Buzz and Woody in hand...

Usually Jake walks out the door first and waits for me at the bottom of our stairs... I come out of the house with my double stroller, Asher all tucked in. Not this morning. Jake tripped or slipped and fell down the stair(s) (I'm not sure if he fell off of the first step or the second. There are 2 total). I looked back and I heard a scream, and a very worried look on his face. I locked the stroller and grabbed Jake. Blood on his Jacket. I was trying to figure out where it came from... HIS CHIN! So, I brought Jake in the house, and then brought the stroller back in. Asher had his bottle and the TV was randomly left on. So, he was set. I grabbed Jake and laid him down. Blood all over. I grabbed a clean towel and applied pressure. I knew this would stop the bleeding. And it did. When I pulled the towel off, there was a good size gash.

I told Jake to hold the towel under his chin and just lay down and wait for me. He did. No tears. Just a tough kid. I went to the car to take the single stroller out and to put the double in. I put Asher in the car, and then went back for Jake.

In the meantime... I was in the middle of syncing my iPhone. So, I grabbed it off the dock and realized that nothing had downloaded... I finally got my phone turned on to see some of my contacts! Of course Grant is working, we have no family around... so, there we went. To Urgent Care with the boys.

Walking in there were LOTS of people with masks on... coughs, sneezes, you name it... But, I had no other option. Our pediatrician doesn't do stitches. You can't make this up! The guy said it was only a 30 minute wait. So, I filled out the paper work, and begun to wait. I had some snacks, and only one iPad. This was going to have to do. That 30 minutes turned into 2 hours. Finally, I heard a man walk in... "Excuse me Mrs. Stone, Mr. Stone is here... would you like him to come back?" I SCREAMED... "YES!!" So, Grant walked in... THANK YOU GOD!

After 2 hours of waiting in the stroller, no more snacks, no more water, these kids were OVER it! Grant grabbed Asher and left. So, then it was just us two... Jake and mommy. Finally the doctor came in... another 30 minutes later. She decided that it wasn't all the way to the bone, and she thought it would be best for them to glue the wound shut. There is going to be a scar either way... and with a 2 year old they would rather skip the stitches if possible. So, decision made. 1 nurse, 1 mommy, and a doctor later... we got it cleaned up... and glued shut. The only time he cried was when we had to hold him down... mainly because he was scared.

Grant met me outside, Asher had falling asleep in the car seat, so we put Jake in his car seat, and I drove the kids to McDonald's since they hadn't eaten, and Grant went into his office.

We got home, Jake sat down on the couch... and said, "wow, momma... ouchy!" And then he continued eating his lunch and relaxing. He's finally down for a nap. What an amazing little boy. He's so patient. He's so careful and cautious, so the fall and smack to his chin shocked him. He is such a good little boy. And watching him grow into this strong little man is awesome. I'm so proud of him. Even at 2, getting upset doesn't solve anything. Thanks for the lesson son.

I'm thankful for my loving and caring husband rushing there to help me. In times like these when I can only rely on Grant it shows me how strong we are. And most importantly how strong we are as a couple. Every year that passes we gain more strength. We have to rely on each other for everything. We don't have family driving distance to just hold or watch one baby while we take the other somewhere... even in an emergency situations.

I love my little family of 4 so much! I'm truly blessed and thankful for all that we have, and what we've created. What a day... and it's only 2:30pm!

His chin before:
His chin after:

And here are the boys waiting... Umm... yea... still in PJ's! I don't change them until after breakfast and our walk. Yikes. Guess, I'm going to switch that up for now on. People looked at me funny because they were wearing Christmas PJ's... not because I was getting angry with the clerk saying, "2 HOURS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!" And then storming back to my chair. haha!
My kiddo when we got home. Look at how long those legs are! 


  1. Oh my gosh, Jake Mini G is HUGE. His legs are basketball player style!!! sorry about the day, but looks like all is well now :)
    miss you

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  4. Jake is a tough kid for handling it like it was nothing. And I do agree that it was great when Grant arrived. The wait was a bit long but I think it still beats waiting at the ER, which could be a scarier place for kids. -Hugh @US HealthWorks


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