Friday, January 25, 2013

Asher John is 11 months old!

Turns out others are right. Time goes by pretty fast with one... but, add another to the mix. BAM! The first year is flying by. Next month... Asher's first birthday!

Asher is so funny! He is SO different from Jake! I love their strong personalities.

The haps with Asher aka Hercules.

1. Yes, we call him Hercules. And we call Jake, Thor. Now we have a new super hero in the family. My boys are so strong. Yes, this has to do with Grant's ridiculous strength. But, I think with my crazy will power it makes for an even stronger combo! Asher or Hercules is so strong! I know I'm his mother so I think my kids are the greatest, but seriously... this kid is strong! The doctor always comments that he is the strongest boy (other than Jake) that he has seen. Asher pulled up, sat, stood, and walked very early. When he grabs onto something I literally have to pry it out of his hands. Changing diapers is challenging, and don't even get me started on shot day! The nurse, doc, and I have to assist. Yes, we are taking about an infant. And when he takes something from Jake... Jake isn't getting it back! :)

2. Asher is almost running... he's fast!

3. Wearing 2T/3T clothes.

4. Size 5 diapers.

5. Says, "mama, dada, no, baba (for Brady). I'll have to revise this list as he says more.

6. He loves to clap! 

7. When I say, "did it" he raises his arms in the air and smiles! Accomplishments are huge in this house! Jake did the same thing.

8. He's a dancer. He sways back and forth, bounces, and follows Jake's sweet moves.

9. He loves food. Loves Ham, bananas, Chicken, rice, pasta, cheese, bread, ground turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc etc.

10. Loves all things Jake.

11. Loves all things sports.

12. Loves being outside playing with Jake. 

13. He is stubborn. If he wants something... he will get it.

14. He is LOUD. This little guy wants you to know whats going on. If he's walking through the hallway... he's calling for us. If we walk away for a brief second... he comes looking for us... calling us the whole way. 

15. He has 6 teeth. 4 on the top, and 2 on the bottom.

16. He doesn't like to sit in the car seat for longer than he has to... not a fan of the road trip... perhaps once we turn his seat around... that seemed to change things for Jake also.

17. Has about 28 oz of milk. Changing to Vitamin D next month.

Here are some 11 month old sticker pictures:

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