Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday morning walk...

Everyday I take the boys for a walk. I usually walk anywhere between 2-3 miles. Jake will walk the first and last half, and Asher cruises in the double BOB stroller. I love it. Jake loves picking up sticks, flowers, leaves, and anything he deems a good find. I keep it all on the top of the stroller, and then I either toss it before we get home... or I've made crafts out of it as well. A little something to remember these times by. Jake will get inside the stroller and have a snack while I manage to get a pretty good workout in. :)

Yesterday, Grant joined us. He clearly can't go during the day... but, how nice to be able to continue our routine with dada! Jake loved having his dad there. He loved showing him all of his finds. :)

The boys have been sick with colds for over a week... and this weekend I finally noticed a change! Jake is totally feeling better. Thank goodness! And we started Asher on antibiotics (his first time on something) Saturday. Yesterday, Asher looked better! WOO HOO! I hate when they are sick. And they both demand so much attention when they are sick. I think all kiddos do. It's just hard when they're both snotty holding on to me. Lots of nose and tear wiping. The good news is that they are building immunities... so, hopefully when they start school they don't get every illness!? Here's to hoping! ;)

Here are some pics from our walk. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to a healthier new week!
Walking Brady.
This stick was huge!
Strong boy! Our little Thor. :)

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