Thursday, January 31, 2013

2 of my Valentines.

It's been so beautiful here in California. The weather is perfect. My boys are able to play outside and be in a sunshine. Today I decided to take a few pictures of them with their Valentines shirts on. Asher is wearing Jake's from last year (when Jake was about 16 months old), and I had a new one ordered for Jake this year. 

They are so darn handsome! I can't take it! They make my whole world complete! I'm so happy they are so close in age, and that God gave me two beautiful, healthy boys to play and grow up with each other. 
Apparently Jake has found a love for the camera. He's clearly gets that from Grant... not me! ;)
Asher had just woken up from his nap... he's my serious child. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! AMAZING.
At play. :)
Oh! And clearly Jake isn't phased at all by his experience in the Urgent Care. His chin is healing great, and he gets a check up tomorrow to make sure all is good. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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