Monday, April 30, 2012

2 months (8-9wks). Grandmother Stones visit!

I have my 2 month pics downloading and will post those later. Apparently, I have run out of memory on my MAC book pro! So, I (Actually, Grant) had to transfer everything to an external hard disk drive. Now, I have to go through and delete pics, etc. I'm picture happy!

Anyhow, things have been super busy as usual! We said goodbye to Grandma Hodges, and then said hello to Grandmother Stone! Like I said in another post, they are visiting Asher at the same time they visited Jake for the first time. It's funny how different these little munchkins are! We think that Jake looks just like Grant, and that Asher is taking after the Spellman family. I got my mini me after all as well! ;)
Asher is growing and getting so big! I take him to his 2 month baby well appointment tomorrow... So, I will update on stats and post pics then (hopefully with my picky sticky 2 month pics).
He's a happy little guy! He's much more mellower than Jake was. He will actually let me put him down to make lunch, etc. Jake liked to be held if he wasn't on his floor gym. He sleeps better too!! I was worried at first... since I'm hyperlactating... his tummy has bothered him from time to time. It's finally getting better. I'm glad I stayed patient and kept nursing. I know it works itself out as his stomach matures. I'm still hyperlactating, and he's still gassy, but it is getting better. And guess what? He's sleeping more! yay!
Saturday night Grant and I went to Jewels of The Night at CSULB (fundraiser for the athletic department), when we got home the babysitter had Asher asleep in his bassinet. Grant and I went to bed, and in a sheer panic I woke up... I looked at the clock... 3am! I looked at Asher and he was fast asleep. I work up Grant and told him that Asher was last fed at 8pm, and had been asleep since 9pm. I shook him. Yes, I woke him up! WHY? I'm not sure. Something told me to. Most likely, because I'm not used to a newborn sleeping that long! haha. I changed his diaper, and fed him. He smiled at me and talked for about 30 minutes and went back to sleep until 630am!!!
Last night... same thing! Down at 9pm and up at 3:30am! Let's see if this is a new schedule or just a fluke! Hoping he's starting to sleep longer!

Here are some pictures from my cell phone I took over the week:

My little munchkins in the morning. They climb in bed with me, and we snuggle and watch TV. It's my favorite time of the day (It lasts about 30 minutes with Jake... then he's ready to get up and run).
Here are some pictures from over the weekend. I bought Jake a water table. He loves to play with water and this looked cool. The back yard is turning into a park for my kiddos. Jake loves to play outside. He has so many fun things to do out there! Next up... SAND BOX! 
Grandmother Stone and Jake
Then I bought chalk! Jake loves to color... ALL OVER THE HOUSE LATELY... So, I decided to buy chalk and let him go nuts outside... It was a great idea... and I can hose it all down! 

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