Tuesday, April 17, 2012

7 weeks - Great Grandmother Hodges

My grandma came out and met Jake when he was 7 weeks old... and it just worked out the same with Asher. In fact, my mother in law is coming into town next week when Jake is 8/9 weeks old... and that is the exact time she came out to meet Jake as well. :)

Grandma and I had a blast! We went to dinners, breakfast, and went and played outside with the boys. I was able to run errands and leave the boys home with her as well. The last 5 days flew by, and she's back home. I can't wait until my family is back!
Great Grandma Hodges
My grandma was so much help! She's still got it. In fact, I think she just gets better with babies/children every year. Asher is a little less fussy than Jake was (at least for now), so there are more stretches of sleep here. Every week gets better. It's still hard waking up 2 - 3 times a night... but, it is what it is. Right now, Asher's fussiest time is around 7pm/8pm. I usually bathe him right after dinner, and get him ready for bed... during this time. I bring him into bed around 9pm, and he sleeps until about 11pm. I feed him, and he's been usually waking up around 3am/4am for a feeding. Then I put him back to bed, and he wakes up around 6am/7am. Jake wakes up around 6:30am/7am, so its all kind of working out. 

I'm still trying to figure out how much he's eating. I'm thinking he's somewhere in the 4oz range? I try and keep the feedings every 3 hours if I can... but, he's anywhere between 2-3 hours. I try not to keep them so close together if he's been gassy. Knowing I'm hyperlacting means he's getting a lot in one feeding... and that brings on the gas. I like to give his belly a little break. I know the lactation specialist has said a bottle every 4-5 days... but, with how busy we are it's looking like a bottle every few days... It doesn't seem to make him all that fussier?

Here is our little Ash... He started to smile in the last week (6 weeks). I haven't been quick enough with the camera to catch them. He's such a happy little rascal! 
 His sleeping schedule continues to improve. He has been rejecting (waking up when I lay him down in it) the bassinet next to the bed... and I like to keep the munchkins close to grab for late night feedings. So, my grandma saw the bassinet that goes to the stroller and told me to try that. She said... if he likes to be in the bed... just put it in between Grant and you. Well, she was right! That is what he likes to sleep in. We have a big bed... so we all fit and there is no chance of rolling on him! 

The latest and greatest with Jake, is that he loves to color/paint. I was changing Asher and left Jake to color by himself... When I came back into the room, I found the following:
All works of art, right? Hmm. It's a good thing Crayola is washable... They came right off with a baby wipe. I should put that on Pinterest, huh? ha!

Jake loves soccer. He loves basketball and football, but I mainly find him kicking the balls around. Here is my little man running and kicking the ball in the backyard!

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  1. Wow! Great Grandma Hodges is gorgeous! I love how it worked out that she met each of the boys when they were the same age, how cool is that? Sounds like you had the perfect visit! I had to giggle at the wall art - Princess Nagger did the same thing. :) Ash is ADORABLE!! You have a beautiful family! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with the random rebellion! I'm following you now. ;)

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