Friday, April 6, 2012

Jake: 19 months

19 months... over the 1 1/2 mark... next stop... 2!! He's just getting so big. I love watching him play and figure things out. He's a smart little cookie, and he keeps me on my toes!

He LOVES LOVES LOVES puzzles. I mean... ask anyone that comes to our house. He can't get enough of them. He organizes his toys and puts things away as well. And if he goes to someones house to play the first thing he'll pick up is a puzzle if there's one there. He likes to play basketball and soccer in our backyard, and swing on the swing set. He's a pretty happy little man.

I have noticed then Asher has been around that Jake will sometimes act like a little monkey until you sit down and play with him only. So, when Asher is napping, this is when I have my alone time with Jake. When Grant is home we each take a kiddo and play... and we switch it up. Our routine has been going so well.

I'm enrolling Jake into swimming classes for the spring, and I'm looking into a hip hop toddler class... ever heard of one? He loves dancing, so I thought that would be cool! :)

Jake doesn't go back for a baby well appointment until he's 2, so I don't know any new stats. He's growing and healthy... that's all that matters, right?! He has really big feet. He has a size 7 - 7 1/2 shoe and an 8 in pedipeds, he's wearing size 3T for tops, and 2T for pants.

The only thing I need to change is the bottle. I haven't made the total transition to sippy cups for milk. He loves his cups, and straws... but, I need to say bye bye to the bottle completely. He never got into pacifiers, or his thumb, so I consider myself pretty lucky! He's been eating with a spoon and fork for a few months now. In fact, that's how he prefers to eat! ;)

He's still trying new foods. I always give him a bite of what I'm eating... right now, he loves turkey lasagna! He loves bananas, and strawberries. He isn't a huge fan of veggies unless they are in his squeezy tubes. But, Cine (Larry's wife), said her little ones loved frozen peas... so, I'm going to try that tonight! You never know. :)

Jake with his pops
 Cool CA boy with his car and shades.

He's a big deal! 

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  1. I didn't get Aiden off the bottle till he was 20 months :) He even drank water out of it before bed because I didn't let him have milk because of his teeth... and he still wanted it. I specifically remember trying, and then poor baby got sick just as we were a few days into it... so I had to resort back to bottles cause that was the only way he would drink anything. Liam, crazy kid, never ever even took the bottle, so that was easy. :) HA!


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