Thursday, May 3, 2012

Asher - 2 months (April 24)

I took Asher to his 2 month doctor appointment on Tuesday morning. Can you believe that this kid is even bigger than Jake? It's hard to believe... but, its true. Asher is 2 lbs heavier, and 1 1/2 inches longer than Jake was at this age. The doctor laughed when he measured Asher. He said that Asher is off the charts in height, and in the 95th percentile for weight. He's a big boy. He is going great!

Asher is so happy. He's very mellow. I can put him in his bouncy chair and he'll watch his brother play or look up at us, talk, smile, and now giggle. Jake was a happy lil guy too... but, not nearly as mellow. He wouldn't sit in his chair. He had to be moving. While Asher is a busy lil munchkin, he also likes to observe. It's so cool seeing the different personalities.

Here are the stats on Asher this month:
* 14 lbs 1oz - 95th percentile.
* 25 inches - 100th percentile.
* Cooing, smiling, talking, and little sweet giggles.
* Interacting with us.
* He is such a happy baby. He cries when he's hungry and has gas. Other than that... he's smiling and watching everything around him.
* Nicknames: Ash, Asher pants, AJ, Ashy.
* Still wearing size 2 diapers.
* Wearing 6 - 9 month or 6 - 12 month clothing (pending brand)
* sleeping is improving through the night. At least 4 - 6 hour stretches at night.
* very alert and follows of our voices and smiles at us.
* already loves his brother. He watches Jake play.
 And then over the weekend, Grant's best friend Matt came over with his family. Adelyn is about a year older than Jake, and the twins are a month older than Asher. It's a good match up. Jake and Addy played with each other and had a great time together. We laughed so hard watching them interact. Look forward to having them over again soon!


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