Monday, December 17, 2012

Asher: 9 months old... a little late!

Asher was 9 months old on November 24th. Needless to say... we've been a little busy! I think we all get busy around the holidays, right? Well, I also wanted to wait on this post until he had his 9 month baby well check up as well. He had his appointment last week.

Asher is doing great! He's happy, in to everything, curious, serious, fast, loving, and assertive. Asher is officially walking now. Yes, I said it! He's walking! He takes his steps, stumbles, and then gets right back up and keeps going! I will take a video of how ridiculously cute it is! It's so hard to believe... he's so little. ;)

That brings me to the baby well check up! My little guy is 26 lbs and 1 oz. He's 3 pounds bigger than Jake at this age. He's also 31 1/2 inches long. A half an inch taller than Jake as well. Asher is in the 100th percentile for both. He's been in the 100th percentile since his first baby well appointments.

Here is Jake at his 9 month appointment. 

He's wearing 2T clothes, and still in size 4 diapers. Although he wears size 5 diapers to sleep in. He's been sleeping through the night for a few months now. He goes down around 6:30/7pm, and he's out all the way until 6:30am. He's a great sleeper!

He's saying, mama, and dada... and now he's shaking his head no to things. hmm. He hears "no" a lot from Jake I suppose. Or me telling Jake no. ha ha!

He has 2 of his bottom teeth! His first tooth popped out at 8 1/2 months, and his second is almost all the way out now.

He drinks about 24-32 oz of milk, and eats table food. He eats a lot of what Jake and we eat. He is still eating some squeeze tubes (of veggies and fruit), but prefers to eat the real deal like us!

He loves all things Jake. Yep. Anything Jake has, he wants. He doesn't like baby toys. He likes books, cars, trucks, and anything that Jake has in his hand. He's so strong! I mean... STRONG! The strength matched with size... and then my size... must be hilarious to watch. People think that Jake is 4, and that Asher is a year old. They have NO idea! My boys are so smart! I'm so proud to be there mommy! Asher is already trying to figure out Jake's puzzles. A little too young to do the shape sorters, but we're working on it! Jake tries to show him how... it's hilarious watching them interact. My favorite thing to watch them do together is play chase! Jake goes running and Asher chases him. They both hysterically laugh the entire time.

Having the same sex this close in age is a lot more easy then I thought it was going to be... NOW, that doesn't mean it's easy. I have a great system. I'm very organized... and I'm home with them all day. So, Asher takes 2 naps a day, and Jake with one long one. Jake's nap, and Asher's second nap are at the same time. With Asher's first nap, I play with only Jake... it's our time together. And when Asher wakes up from his second nap, and Jake is still asleep, it's our alone and special time. I don't feel like any baby gets shorted. I also have my alone dates with them too. This past Saturday Grant had daddy/Asher time, while I took Jake to his buddy Henry's 2nd birthday party. It all works perfectly!  The toughest time is when Grant travels, or works late. But, we get through it. We only have each other... so, we work it out! ;)

My family is flying into town this Thursday! I CAN'T WAIT! My brother Dylan and my grandma arrive first, and then my parents on Christmas morning! woo hoo! I'm so so so excited.

Here are some pics of Asher at 9 months. I'm surprised I got him to sit still enough for these!

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