Friday, December 28, 2012

Asher is 10 months!

Asher is 10 months. He turned 10 months on Christmas Eve. We've had family in town, so I haven't had much time to update my blog. I wanted to post a few pictures I took of Asher.

Since I posted his 9 month update recently, a lot is still the same. He now has 4 teeth though. He has his front 2 teeth coming in, and he has 2 bottom teeth. Too cute! I love seeing those smiley faces with teeth to match! :)

He is so curious. He is already a handful. He's walking, so I'm constantly running after him, or watching to see what he's gotten into. Jake and Asher are total buds. It's so cute to watch Jake play with him. Every once in awhile Jake will be playing with something quietly, and Asher will come over and try and take it from him. Asher is so strong. It's hard to pry things out of his hands! And when his mind is made up... nothing can stop this kiddo! :)

Here are some 10 month pics:
Asher LOVES basketball! He picks up the ball and takes off! Too cute!
Typical boys... wresting. My little brother Dylan is so good with my boys! He lets them crawl all over him, and is very patient. Today we went to the park, and he followed Jake around. He came up to me and said, "you notice that Jake didn't get hurt today" I said, "yes", and he said... "that's because I'm taking care of him, and I love him." My boys adore him... and I do too! 

I have lots of pictures from the holidays... I'll try and post a few tomorrow!

AND... PS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SIS IN LAW, LEE ANNE! I love you sister! Hope you had a great evening with your boys! :)

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