Friday, November 16, 2012

My life with 2 boys... 2 and under...

I wouldn't have this life any other way. As crazy as it can be at times... having these little monkeys this close in age is a blessing. Asher wants to do everything Jake is doing. He wants everything he has, drinks from his cup, wants his snack, and so on... Jake is patient. With an occasional... No! Or a bump to move him over. Which I'm constantly on the look out for. Jake likes to play with him, until Asher takes his stuff out of his hands. It takes everything in me NOT to laugh. They love each other already. Different in personalities. I love them both more than life. UGH! I'm lucky enough to squeeze them all day! :)

Here are some cell pictures over the last 2 weeks. 
In our backyard... Asher and Jake love swinging side by side! 
 They just laugh the entire time.
Disneyland with Jake's main lady... Not Minnie... but, Victoria. His best friend since they were 3 months old!
 At the Wilderness Park at CA Adventure.
 Jake taking Victoria's hand through the line...
 And then taking her hand back to the car...
 My Tahoe is officially full of boys!
 Handsome men dinning with me.
 BABY FEET! Cutest shoes ever!
 Jake playing at the park!
Grant's twin...
But, my baby!
Asher pushing Jake over to see what he has!
Silly boy!
 Jake with Homecoming Court Nominee, Amelia. Also, his babysitter. He adores her! Could you blame him? She is also beautiful Tri Delta as well! I love my DDD girls!
Jake LOVES to wear his shades. I'm going to be in trouble...
The entire family at a CSULB basketball game! I tired to get us all in the pic... close enough! ;)
Can't forget a girls night dinner! Love these girls. Missing a few besties... friends for 14 years!
Taking time to relax and read a good book!
Reading to his little brother. Not 100% sure all that he was saying... but, Asher sure enjoyed it!
This little guy will be walking soon!
My boys have been sick the last few days... Snotty noses, fevers, coughs, and both teething (Jake - 2 year old molars, and Asher - his bottom teeth)... But, they still enjoy playing with each other. Jake had Asher's pacifier (and BTW Asher hasn't used a pacifier for at least 2 months now), and Jake giving Asher something to chew on. Adorable, right? UGH. I can't take it.
Another picture from the week (which I adore), is this picture of my 3 boys... It was 6am, everyone was up... I snapped the picture of Grant kissing Asher in his arms, and all sitting there in peace and quite. I was making coffee, and turned around to see this.
I love my iPhone. I love the fact, that I don't miss the precious moments. Here are just a few over the last 2 weeks. I hope everyone has a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

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