Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things we learn as we go...

We grow as parents, right? There are things we learn we can and cannot do as parents. We learn the limits of our children. Or perhaps we learn our limits as parents.

With this being said... Our family pictures. 

I shall list what I learned this year...

1. Don't take pictures close to nap times... duh, I know...
2. Don't take pictures in the dead heat of the CA year. September. UGH.
3. Taking pictures with a barely 2 year old, and a 6 month old will be challenging.
4. Taking pictures with 2 boys in general.
5. Don't make the children pose for the camera, unless it's when we are doing the family shot, and Grant and I both are holding one.
6. Don't wear fancy high heels in a park with gravel. 

So, with the list above... Next year, I will change things up. I will take pictures after a snack, and before dinner. It will be the last week of October or the first week of November (let's be honest... it's for Christmas cards anyhow). I wont make my babies pose. I will have the photographer take pics as they seem natural. There will be "some" family shots and the brotherly shots. It will get easier because next year I'll have a 3 year old, and a 1 year old. ha ha. We'll see. :)

The pictures turned out great! I loved them... Grant and I ended up laughing the entire way home, while the kids slept... probably because we wore them out chasing them, wiping tears, and screaming funny things at them... in hopes of both looking and both smiling! ha ha.

With out further adieu... Here are a few...
Jake had just turned 2! 
Asher had just turned 6 months old... funny how different Asher pants looks compared to now. :)
How lucky am I that all these adorable, and handsome men love me? Ugh. I die.
And lastly, this summed up the end of the shoot. But, it's still a favorite shot, that one day we can all laugh about... me as their crazy momma and all the pictures I make them take. 

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