Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinterest Addiction

Yes, I have a problem. I LOVE PINTEREST. I'm pretty sure if your on it... you love it too! Not only have I found cool DIY projects, I have printed out LOTS of recipes. Mainly for baking. I'll have to post things as I create them. I love to cook. Baking is usually something I just stay away from. Not sure if it's because I'm scared to bake, or I'm scared that I'll eat everything I bake. Pretty sure it's the last one. ;)

This morning I ran to the store and I went in for a few items. I left with baking goods. I left my grocery list at home and wondered into the store... hungry and pregnant. I came out with the following (just a few items pictured):
So, I will be baking when Jake goes down for either his last nap, or when he goes to bed. I rarely can bake with Jake around. He LOVES to open the oven. And open any drawer or cabinet for that matter. I have childproofing on everything... but, the oven. I haven't found anything that looks like it'll work. I need to look into something for that. Anyone have something they prefer for oven proofing?

This week on Pinterest I made this:

Materials used
- Hole puncher
- 1/2" rings (I could only find the big ones at Michael's. I bought the perfect size off Amazon.)
- Christmas cards
- To make sure you punch them in the right spot every time I used the first card as my guide. Slide the rings on (I used 2 rings), and there's your book! :)
I had to combine 2009/2010. I had all of our 2009 cards saved, and only kept family cards/pics for 2010. So, I just blended them. It's a cool little coffee table book. I'm so glad I found this on Pinterest. I have lots of craft materials that I have bought for more projects, plus my Christmas wreath will be made the weekend of Thanksgiving. Thinking I might have a field trip to Michael's and then back to my house for assembly with my girlfriends. Please message me if your interested!

So far this week Jake and I have outside quite a bit. The weather is great, so we have been taking advantage of it. I LOVE OUR NEW BACKYARD! Jake loves the swing set. He points to it out the window everyday... so, I put him in it!
 I'm growing mint, rosemary, bell peppers, zucchini, and pumpkins. Here are a few pics:
 My little guy can be so serious. He is learning his ABC's. :)
 He still laughs like crazy at that dancing monkey I bought!
Make it a great day!

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  1. It kind of cracks me up that you bought EVERY baking ingredient there is! Did you have nothing in your pantry?? LOL.

    Also, YAY for backyards! That swing set is awesome!


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